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It Was A Disaster: Sara Khan Gets Candid About How Her Lip Fillers Went Wrong

It Was A Disaster: Sara Khan Gets Candid About How Her Lip Fillers Went Wrong

As lucrative as the glam and glitz of the entertainment industry happen to be, it does come with its share of downsides. For so many in the industry, this comes in the form of unrealistic beauty standards and consequent body image issues. And problematic as the entire idea of surgically altering one’s body might sound, people often give in owing to the insurmountable pressure to look a certain way.

The recent social media discourse over Adele’s weight loss throws some light on the issue. Not just those within the industry but even us, the audience, are so obsessed with what our celebs should look like that some way or the other we end up feeding to their insecurities. The need to congratulate a Grammy award-winning artist for losing some weight is a classic example of the same. Then, trolling our celebs every now and then on social media for any apparent changes in their body weight, looking a certain way, or wearing something specific, again reiterates the fact that we are constantly feeding to the entire mania.  

Just last year, Bidaai and Bigg Boss fame Sara Khan was heavily trolled for her extra plumped up lips. Rumor mills kept going rife with the assumption that she had actually gone under the knife for a lip job. Sara recently cleared the air on the row and shared her side of the story in an interview with a leading daily. In her interview, Sara shared that the entire idea of a transformation struck her right after leaving Bidaai as she badly wanted to change her girl next door image. 

“I did not want to stay Bidaai‘s Sadhna the entire life. I wanted to be fit and be Sara Khan. This is what I think. If people liked me as Sadhna from Bidaai they will like me as Sara Khan also. They will love me the way I am as a human being in real life. So, I didn’t think much about my transformation. I just started working out and concentrated on my fitness.” she shared.   


Speaking on the lip job controversy, Sara further added, “I did not change my face, I am the same. Yes, of course I did the lip filler which was a disaster and it did not look good at all. It was very bad it didn’t suit me at all. Mujhe apni khud ke lips pasand nahi aate the tab and I was waiting for it to dissolve. I didn’t like my look at that time.” 

Heavy trolling followed soon after Sara got her lip fillers done. However, she didn’t let the backlash pull her down, dealt with it like a boss, thus ignored the trolls, and focussed on the love that she was receiving from her fans instead. “When you are a public figure you will get love and hate both. If there are good people, there will be bad people too. We all know that and we have to understand that everyone looks at you with love and positivity,” she shares. 

Speaking about the trolling, she further adds, “There are a few people who get really rude to you and post harsh comments. Initially, they used to bother and affect me, but then I realised that they are faceless people. They don’t even have real identities. They hide behind fake ids and don’t even have the guts to show their real face. I think it is not even worth getting worried about their comments. On the other hand, there are people who love us so much, they write good stuff about us and send us gifts, I think it is more than enough for me. I have started focussing on their love.”

Now, that’s the boss way of dealing with it Sara! Also, kudos to her for coming out with her experience so candidly. You go girl!

Featured Image: Instagram 

26 May 2020

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