Rosy Romance: Recreate Bhumi Pednekar’s Dreamy Makeup Look In 5 Easy Steps

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 16, 2021
Rosy Romance: Recreate Bhumi Pednekar’s Dreamy Makeup Look In 5 Easy Steps


Whatever the time of the year, romantic florals are always in style. We’re talking about soft, warm tones of red and pink that are synonymous with all things love. And when is love ever out of fashion? Bhumi Pednekar paired her chic floral dress with a rosy romantic makeup look which can be the perfect pick for your next day date. As the rest of the city prospers with inky hues for the colder months of the year, paint the town coral with this makeup look. Grab your boo, your girlies or even your mom for a girls’ day out, because this is the kinda makeup look you’re gonna want to try RN!

Get Date Ready In A Jiffy!

As dreamy as this makeup look is, it’s equally effortless and time-saving. If you’re looking to recreate this romantic, coral rose-toned makeup look, here’s how you can do it in just 5 simple steps:

Step 1: All About That Base

Prep your makeup base with a sheer coverage or natural finish foundation and concealer. This will help your skin get that naturally dewy effect. You can also use a lighter shade of concealer to brighten your under eyes for a more woken-up effect.

Step 2: Brow Wow

Grab your eyebrow pencils and brushes because we are on a mission to make our brows fluffier without making them look too made up. Begin by brushing your eyebrows upwards, then fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Avoid deep strokes, and keep them light. Set your brows with a brow gel.

Step 3: Just Wing It

For the eyes, Bhumi has gone with a simple winged liner and fluttery lashes. Add some colour and dimension to your lids by blending a deep nude shade on your outer crease and a medium nude shade to your inner crease.

Step 4: Like A Blushed Babe

While lips are the hero of this makeup look, blush is the supporting actor. Pick the perfect tone of coral blush for your skin tone and blend it across your cheekbones. This will add colour a fresh flush of colour to your cheeks.

Step 5: Seal It With A Kiss!

A kiss with your lip gloss, duh! For this lip look, start by blending a coral pink lip colour in the middle of your lips. Top it off with a clear or blush nude gloss. And you’re done!

Wasn’t this an easy win? Try this makeup look for your next day event and watch your selfies turn out extra gram-worthy!

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