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Between Mommy Chopra & Papa Jonas, Guess Who Has Been Changing Baby Malti Marie’s Diapers?

Between Mommy Chopra & Papa Jonas, Guess Who Has Been Changing Baby Malti Marie’s Diapers?

Stalking Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra on Instagram and swooning over their adorable pictures is one of our favourite things to do online. And lately, another obsession has been added to the list as we keep trying to catch a glimpse of little Malti on their stories and posts. If like us, you are also waiting to hear more about baby Chopra-Jonas, you are in luck as we have the cutest update for you.

Recently, Priyanka’s mother Madhumalti Chopra opened up about how Nick and PC are handling their lives as new parents in an interaction with a popular media platform. She shared, “Priyanka and Nick already discussed being equally involved as parents. I give a massage and Nick gives her a bath and changes her diapers.” 

NGL, we wish we could see Nick jiju being a hands-on dad! Can you please treat us with a snap one of these days, Priyanka? 


Madhu also shared that she had no idea that Priyanka was going to name her daughter after her. She said, “I got to know about the name only on the day of the naamkaran, and I was so honoured. In our tradition, the paternal grandfather whispers the name, along with words of wisdom, into the baby’s ears. Nick’s dad did those rituals.”

During the interaction, Madhu also talked about the tips she shared with Nick and Priyanka on raising their daughter. “I told Priyanka, with screen time at such a young age, your daughter will get mote mote chashma. My parents were interested in my studies and career. I could not have done it otherwise. Now I am doing the same for Priyanka. I used to take Pri on my night shifts. That way children also start respecting your profession,” she shared

It is so endearing to see Nani Chopra taking care of her little princess! TBH, we are just hoping to see a picture of Malti with her namesake now.

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Aug 2022

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