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Wristlet Bags Are Back And We Picked The Best Ones For You!

Wristlet Bags Are Back And We Picked The Best Ones For You!

Fall 2017 has seen many bag trends, from the spectacularly embellished to the 90s fanny pack, the runway had a lot to say about this accessory. A style that has been ushered in with this wave is the wristlet bag. What is a wristlet bag you ask? Just look at Coach and Miu Miu’s brand new collections to get an idea!

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Yep, you got that right! Wristlet bags are wallets or small purses that have a loop on the side that makes it super handy. We are totally digging this style because of its distinctive look and ‘easy to carry’ charm. We even took it a notch higher in our quest of different types of wristlet bags that you can buy right now. From clutches to crossbody slings, wristlets bags are back and we present our favourites right here!

1. The Superstar Navy


This sling bag comes with detachable straps so as to give you the freedom to use it whichever way you like. Pair this with a pretty fit and flare dress for a relaxed day out!

Price: ₹ 4,599. Buy it here.

2. Amusing Colourblock


How adorable is this little number from Nine West? This colourblocked bag will store all your essentials while being a striking conversation starter. Just watch the compliments flow!

Price: ₹ 3,490. Buy it here.

3. Graphic Smartphone


This graphically printed smartphone bag can double up as your designated card and key holder. It’s a good alternative for when you don’t wish to carry a big bag for just these tiny essentials!

Price: ₹ 3,198. Buy it here.

4.  Butterfly Crossbody


We love the adorable butterfly prints on this one! The crossbody convertible is a good pick to go with your solid dresses, giving it a much-needed pop of colour!

Price: ₹ 2,730. Buy it here.

5. Ethnic Features


A bit on the bigger side, this ethnic detailed bag will be a good way to accessorize your traditional ensembles. Just picture a tasteful off-white kurti with this chic wristlet!

Price: ₹ 3,142. Buy it here.

6. Mean Reds


A simple cut and design, this bag comes in a sombre orange lining which is sharp and sophisticated. If you thought you can’t carry wristlets to work, think again!

Price: ₹ 5,903. Buy it here.

7. Of Big Bows


This statement clutch can be paired with your modest shift dresses, to give them a fashionable boost that demands attention! Hold it or hang it, either way, it’ll make you look super classy!  

Price: ₹ 7,700. Buy it here.

8. Banarama!


Are you a fan of ironic fashion? Then this banana print wristlet will soon become your go-to accessory to channel your quirky style!

Price: ₹ 4,938. Buy it here.

9. Yellow Lined


This wristlet boasts an unusual contrast, a look which is still in mint condition! A good fit with your basic jeans and t-shirt, the style will keep you looking trendy all day!

Price: ₹ 5,903. Buy it here.

10. Black Solids


A wardrobe essential that every woman needs is a bag that goes with every outfit they own! This solid black sling is dainty and fashionable – an accessory you can count on.

Price: ₹ 6,300. Buy it here.

11. The Big Splurge


This genuine leather wristlet is a collector’s piece, with a sober mint green colour and bold branding on the wrist strap, this one will become a permanent member of your collection!

Price: ₹ 25,999. Buy it here.

01 Nov 2017

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