5 Celebrity-Approved Ways To Slay In White Eyeliner!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 25, 2021
rihanna white eyeliner, hina khan white eyeliner


Time to toss out your black and boring eyeliners as there’s a new trend we’re obsessed with! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you to permanently part ways with your fave black kohl but it’s time that white eyeliner had its shining moment. And why not, it looks great on Indian skin tones, makes your eyes look wide and gives your look an icy update.

Time To Upgrade Your Eye Makeup With White Eyeliners

Whether you want to play it safe and apply it only to your lower lash line or go all out with it, white eyeliners are here’s to save your day. With that being said, here are 5 ‘eye’conic white eyeliner moments to remind you why you need to try this trend!

Upgrade Your Cat Eye


If you’re sceptical about using a white eyeliner just on its own, then do it like Hina! After you’ve winged your eyes like a pro, use a white liner to draw a tiny stroke just beneath the wing and voila, instant upgrade!

Wing It Out


Another great (Read: Rihanna Approved) way is by winging it!

Instead of drawing a line from the inner corner of your eyes up to the wings, draw just the wings on the outer corner of the eyes. Trust us, it’s going to look so bomb and will instantly make your eyes look bigger.

And if you really want to make a statement, opt for the brightest pink lipstick you own!

Floating Eyeliner


If you want your eye makeup to look abstract, then do a floating eyeliner look. After you’re done slaying your eye, use a white eyeliner to draw a white line on your crease.

Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, make sure you wing it towards your eyebrows. And if you’re a pro at drawing lines, then you should go ahead and complete your look with a fox eye makeup look.

Define That Lower Lashline

willow smith white eyeliner


Simple yet so dramatic– drawing a thick line on beneath your lower lash line is an excellent way to upgrade your makeup look. Just keep the rest of your makeup minimum and let your eyes do all the talking.

Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid white eyeliner


Want to add an avant-garde touch to your makeup look? Then time to draw a line!

We’re obsessed with how easy yet unique Gigi’s look it and kinda angry that we haven’t tried this yet! Just take a nice, pigmented white eyeliner and draw a straight line on your crease line and that’s it!

Another reason why we recommended trying it out today is that it’ll look great on every skin tone.

Featured Image: Instagram, Pinterest