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10 Wall Decals Your Room Needs RIGHT NOW!

10 Wall Decals Your Room Needs RIGHT NOW!

If you have been wanting to give your room a makeover, Wall Decals should be your perfect go-to. And guess what? They’re super affordable, quick to apply and are readily available in most online stores! They can change the mood of your room in a jiffy… matching it to your personality and the other decor items in your room. Here are 10 cute, quirky and really unique wall decals you need for your room right now!

1. A little twig


Love a little bit of nature? Well, who doesn’t? Add this one to the corner chair in your room or even that little sofa cum bed in the corner. It will add a touch of freshness to your room instantly!

Price: ₹ 247. Buy it here.

2. Some light and ideas!


Can’t get incandescent lights and lamps in your room all at once? Just get these decals and stick them above your study table to give it the same feel. You can also place them near a naturally light source to give it that ‘lit’ feeling!

Price: ₹ 183. Buy it here.

3. For that nook or corner


We think a quirky piece of art – that comes in the form of a decal is just what your need to make your room look fun and fabulous. Add this one in a corner that’s been feeling empty for far too long and give it a colourful makeover.

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

4. For that empty wall


Have a completely empty wall? Or does the top of your bed feel very basic and boring? Well, not anymore. If you’re a travel bug, this decal will give your room all the ‘feels’. Featuring the major cityscapes of the world, this one is surely to set you dreaming.

Price: ₹ 185. Buy it here.

5. Near the study table


Signages and a decadent vintage car, what’s not to love about this cutesy decal? Stick this one on an empty wall, even on the door to give it a classy Roman touch. It’s small yet striking!

Price: ₹ 649. Buy it here.

6. Near the bookshelf


Have a rack of books that could use a new lease of life? Well, you don’t always need to stick a decal on the wall! Stick this one on the side of your book rack or cupboard to make your room more vibrant.

Price: ₹ 185. Buy it here.

7. Above the bed!


This one is just perfect if you want a healthy dose of magic in your life and room! Make your room a better and more vibrant place… starting with this decal!

Price: ₹ 132. Buy it here.

8. Stick it, see it, smile!


Just moved into a new house with your partner/ hubby/wife? Well, this one is going to make you smile wide! Stick this in your room and all his antics will never irritate you again. This one’s so cute, you both will definitely feel like cuddling once you see it.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

9. For some motivation!


If you are all about working hard and dreaming big… then this one should be in your room just to reiterate and make you believe in yourself more and more, every passing day. It will boost your confidence and push you to work better, trust us!

Price: ₹ 279. Buy it here.

10. Beer is always a good idea!


For everyone living alone… you can definitely buy this one right away. If you love beer, stick this on the walls of your PG or flat and give it a really boozy makeover! *wink*

Price: ₹ 259. Buy it here.

So, which one are you buying?


26 Oct 2017

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