11 Bags That Can Be Paired With EVERY Outfit In Your Closet!

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Oct 17, 2017
11 Bags That Can Be Paired With EVERY Outfit In Your Closet!


You haven’t mastered thrifty fashion until you’ve owned a dressy arm candy that can morph into a casual bag to wear with your basic outfits. Stylishly versatile bags, ones that seamlessly transform from being paired with your workwear to flaunted with your ethnic garbs, get you to worry less about how your look for the day can shift from one occasion to the other. These double-duty bags also optimize your packing when you wish to travel in style. Check out Sonam Kapoor sporting this brown handheld with two different outfits!

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To be a full-blown fashionista is to have the right accessories! In the words of fashion journalist Nina Garcia, “I’m a big believer that accessories can make or break a look”! Let us take the pressure off of you a bit and offer up bag choices that can pull a quick switcheroo on literally every outfit you own!

1. The Messenger Bag


Fashion Tidbit: Messenger bags get their name from traditionally being used by messengers on foot delivering handwritten notes! Use this bag to carry your laptop to work or an extra pair of flats to the bar! *Wink*

Price: ₹ 9,895. Buy it here.

2. The Solid Handbag


Why settle for a generic black when you have the option of this alluring burgundy number! Handbags can be paired with both your western and ethnic outfits and our pick for a versatile option is this wine-hued sleek piece from the house of Tommy!

Price: ₹ 7,999. Buy it here.

3. The Oversized Tote


The tote is a practical buy for your days when you gotta lag a bunch of stuff with you everywhere! Our pick of this grey solid number will be a good company to your basic casuals and a good balance in case you decide to wear a colourful outfit!

Price: ₹ 4,590. Buy it here.

4. The Floral Sling


We love the floral detail on this dainty sling! It’s reminiscent of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms and we can’t wait to add this to our collection or artistic fashion pieces! Pair this up with your sexy party bodycon or solid shirt dresses!

Price: ₹ 3,590. Buy it here.

5. The Color Block Handheld


When it comes to colour blocking a look, accessories can be your best friend! This brown and white combo can work as your base palette to experiment with shades or be just the delicate touch of colour blocking to your monotone outfits.

Price: ₹ 3,032. Buy it here.

6. The Tasselled Bucket


Moschino this year was dominated by their ‘paper doll’ like tassels. That combined with the bucket look makes for a complete package of cool! This regal green number has the potential to be the statement accessory for any outfit from your closet!

Price: ₹ 8,999. Buy it here.

7. The Bling Chain Bag


The bracelet bag has garnered a lot of attention this year as the go-to arm candy for top fashion bloggers! Our pick will be this toned down version of the style with a gold bracelet clasp and chain strap that looks like a dream!

Price: ₹ 3,590. Buy it here.

8. The Drawstring Backpack


If you ever wished to channel Emma Stone (which is quite often for us!) then we suggest you make this your go-to backpack! Drawstring backpacks are easy to use and can hold more items as compared to its traditional counterparts.

Price: ₹ 7,395. Buy it here.

9. The Taupe Shoulder Bag


Taupe can make any shade take the spotlight when paired with it! So if you are in need to carry a big bag but don’t wish to distract attention from your outfit, this tasselled pick will be the one to do the job!

Price: ₹ 4,495. Buy it here.

10. The Chunky Hobo


The slouch or hobo bag is a casual staple but this catchy colour palette makes it versatile enough to be paired with the sleekest of formal outfits. The spacious interiors are an added bonus if you intend to use it on a daily basis.

Price: ₹ 3,595. Buy it here.

11. The Textured Satchel


The satchel is a style we love purely due to its nostalgic charm of the school bag. This bag’s textured look is sure to complement any outfit. Leaning towards a splurge pick, this beige bag is guaranteed to become a tenured member of your wardrobe!

Price: ₹ 9,990. Buy it here.