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8 Quick And Easy Ways To Deal With Your Upper Lip Hair

8 Quick And Easy Ways To Deal With Your Upper Lip Hair

Yes, some hair removal methods can be quite painful, but not many of us like that pesky hair on our upper lip and look for quick and easy ways to get rid of it. Ladies, with these 8 upper lip hair removal methods, you will have upmteen options to choose from and that will ensure your upper lip is fuzz-free! Read on to pick the method that appeals to you best and say buh-bye to that mini stache of yours. *Wink*

8 Easy Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

Threading tricks

1 upper lip hair removal

This is one of the most common methods for removing your upper lip hair. It might be slightly uncomfy, but isn’t absolutely unbearable. Pretty much any salon offers this service and there’s nothing like mastering this technique yourself and doing it at home, ladies. All that this method requires is sharp thread. It has good results and is one of the most inexpensive hair removal techniques too. Want a smooth, fuzz-free upper lip? Go in for threading, we say.

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Katori wax catch

If you have skin that isn’t too sensitive, this is a simple method to remove that embarrassing fuzz, ladies. This method involves some semi-hot wax applied on the upper lip, which is pulled off once it dries up. Doing this at home isn’t a good idea girls, you don’t want to pull wrong and be left with a red mark, it’s best to get it done professionally. But if your pain threshold isn’t too good, we suggest you give this method a miss. However, this too has good results as you will be left with a clean and smooth upper lip after getting this done.

Epilate it

3 upper lip hair removal

It is believed that each time an epilator plucks your hair, it feels like a tight pinch on your skin. But like waxing, the pain gets more bearable with practice. So, if you’re ready to bear that sort of discomfort, this is your go-to method for upper lip hair removal. It is quick and can be done by your epilator at home. It’s an investment worth spending on as you’ll be saving money on those parlour bills. We suggest you stretch out your upper lip well as you run the machine over it, and you’ll be hair-free in no time.

Bleach baby

This clearly doesn’t entail removal of that girl-mustache, per se, but it does make it less prominent. The dark hair on the upper lip turns golden as you apply a good bleach on that area. However, if you have sensitive skin, we’d like to inform you that bleach contains harsh chemicals that can even burn your skin. So make sure you do a patch test before going all the way. The effects of bleach last about 2 to 3 weeks. You can find Facial Bleaching Guide Here


Hair removal cream, anyone?

5 upper lip hair removal

This is possibly the most pain-free method of getting rid of upper lip hair. All you have to do is apply a hair removal cream on your upper lip, leave it there for a few minutes (as mentioned in the pamphlet) and then wipe it clean. It sure is quick and easy, but in some cases, the chemical present in this cream can darken the area and cause some damage to your skin. Again, you must do a patch test first and only then use this method.

Tweeze tip

This can be done in the comfort of your home, ladies. It will be more time consuming than most other methods as you will have to pluck (with a tweezer) one hair strand at a time, and it will certainly require a degree of patience on your part. The drawback about this method is that some tiny, stubborn hair will be difficult to get hold of and pull out. If you have no other option available to you, this can be your saviour.

Laser love

7 upper lip hair removal


You must consult your dermatologist before going in for laser hair removal. This method entails a laser beam targeting the roots of your hair and damaging those. It is a semi-permanent method of hair removal and requires a certain number of sittings, depending on your hair and skin type. It doesn’t really hurt, but does cause a brief moment of discomfort, so don’t you worry ladies. This one’s the most expensive method out of the lot, but can be the most effective in the long run.

Clipper cure

A battery operated clipper is a smart beauty tool to have in your home, ladies. Although, as the name suggests, it will only trim the hair and not pluck it right out. So, the results of this method aren’t as smooth and awesome as that of other methods, but it can be done on days you can’t step out of the house but want to take care of your upper lip hair nevertheless.

Which one is your favourite way to beat the fuzz?

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22 Feb 2017

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