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These Under-Eye Masks Are Great To Combat Puffiness After A Late Night Netflix Binge

These Under-Eye Masks Are Great To Combat Puffiness After A Late Night Netflix Binge

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Can’t remember? Well, neither can I. Every evening I promised myself that I’m going to just watch one episode on Netflix, shut my laptop and sleep early and every night the allure of the ‘next episode’ button pulled me in. And obviously, the lack of sleep always resulted in puffy eyes and under-eye bags until I discovered under-eye patches

So, the skin under your eyes is the most delicate and thin skin of your body and so it needs some extra love and pampering. Today, we’re telling you about what they are and why should you add them to your skincare regimen STAT.

What Are The Benefits Of Under-Eye Patches?



Reduces Puffiness

Want to cheat during your 9 AM meeting and look like you rested well? These under-eye patches really help reduce the puffiness. 

Prevents Early Signs Of Ageing

Say goodbye to fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles under your eyes as these patches keep the delicate skin hydrated and smooth. Many come with ingredients like caffeine and retinol that reduce and combat signs of aging.

Keeps Dark Circles At Bay

Dark circles are fairly common and instead of going overboard with your concealer to hide them, use under-eye patches to treat them well. Many of these products are mixed with hyaluronic acid etc which help with dark circles.

Some Superb Under-Eye Patches For Every Kind Of Budget


We already know that snail mucus while sounding gross is great for the skin. This under-eye mask has got that along with gold tea ferment and aloe vera. It’s amazing for adding hydration and fighting early signs of ageing.



Yes, these are super pricey but they’re so good. They come in a set of eight and contain hyaluronic acid which gives long-lasting hydration. Your skin will feel plumper and look gorgeous.


These work really well for people who have dry under eyes. They help in reducing dark circles and give an instant hydration boost to the skin. They are soaked in 24 k gold powder along with ginseng to help with skin elasticity and tightening. 


These hydrogel eye patches are basically great for de-puffing the area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. They contain botanical ingredients like raspberry extract, blueberry extract, camellia flower extract, and castor oil and are the best cheat sheet for faking a good night’s rest.


These under-eye patches are made with hyaluronic acid patches and peptides that reduce dark circles, fill fine lines and give you brighter, plumper-looking skin. You can use them once a week and you’ll see a drastic change in your under-eyes.


These are made with fermented coconut water and are ultra-thin and contain active ingredients that hydrate and smoothen the skin. We already know that caffeine wakes up the skin and makes it look less dull and tired and these patches are great for that.

So, which ones are you adding to your cart?

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30 Jun 2021

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