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15 *Tinted* Lips Balms For Pretty Lips – All Under Rs 300!

15 *Tinted* Lips Balms For Pretty Lips – All Under Rs 300!

Ladies, get ready to pucker up with any of these pretty lip balm shades! Each of these rockstars help hydrate, moisturize and nourish your tender lips. You know what’s even better? They’re subtly tinted and are extremely affordable too! Here are 15 new and exciting tinted lip balms under Rs 300. We bet you’ll have pretty lips ALL day! *Wink*  


1. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care – Cherry

1 tinted lip balms

With a variety of shades to choose from, we think the cherry one is the best! While this tinted pink lip balm moisturizes and nourishes your lips, it’s creamy core is packed with the goodness of SPF 15 that keeps your lips sun-protected all day. (Psst… we also heard that it’s on discount!)

Price Rs 170. Buy it here.

2. Nivea Care & Colour Lip Balm – Rose

2 tinted lip balms

On days when you feel that you need a break from your lipstick game, this baby will sort your life out! It moisturizes and provides protection to your lips so that they remain soft, supple and smooth all day. Not to forget that it’s known to leave a subtle rose colour after every use.

Price Rs 150. Buy it here.

3. Street Wear Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm – Coral Kiss

3 tinted lip balms

For the fun and bubbly girl, this lip balm is perfect! The shade is bright, pretty and will compliment your electrifying personality. Loaded with Vitamin E, mint extracts and shea butter, your lips will be super yummylicious. With many shades to choose from, we bet you’ll find your favourite from this colourful range.

Price Rs 128. Buy it here.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up – Tropical Punch

4 tinted lip balms

One of the main reasons why we picked this lip balm is simply because it looks so gorgeous on the Indian skin tone! This lip balm will make that sexy pout of yours stand out. Available in 3 lip-smacking flavours, this rockstar also contains SPF 20 to keep your lips protected from the sun.

Price Rs 140. Buy it here.

5. Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm – Pink

5 tinted lip balms

Want pink barbie lips? Then this is the lip balm you should totally pick up! Enriched with jojoba oil, Vitamin E, SPF 15 and olive oil, this juicy lip balm will give your lips the nourishment and tender love it deserves. Apply it everyday, and we bet those plump lips of yours will fetch a bunch of compliments.

Price Rs 110. Buy it here.

6. The Body Shop Pot Lip Balm – Satsuma Shimmer

6 tinted lip balms

We mean, just look at it! Doesn’t the packaging look so pretty and adorable? Well, the product is no less. It sure is quality, the perfect quantity, moisturizes lips well, and gives them an orangey, shimmery tint. It keeps your lips hydrated all through the day, making them soft and so kissable. *Muah*

Price Rs 124. Buy it here.

7. Vaseline Lip Therapy – Rosy Lips

7 tinted lip balms

If you want yummy looking, rosy lips, then this lip balm should be in your beauty pouch at all times. While it softens, soothes and nourishes dry lips, you’ll be amazed to see how this lip balm give your lips a rosy glow and a soft pink tint in absolutely no time.

Price Rs 135. Buy it here.

8. Color Fever Moisturizing Lip Balm Combo – Stawberry + Raspberry

8 tinted lip balms

A combo lip balm pack for just 121 bucks? Hell yeah! One a strawberry flavour and the other raspberry, both do a fab job at giving your lips a reddish-pink tone. Not to forget, that both these babies smell so delicious that you may even tempted to eat them up! Enriched with Vitamin E, this lip balm moisturizes your lips like a pro.

Price Rs 121. Buy it here.

9. VLCC Lovable lips Lip Balm – Honey

9 tinted lip balms

When honey, cocoa butter and shea butter come together, you can be rest assured that you’ll have a fine beauty product! This honey lip balm glides on your lips with ease and nourishes them, keeping them soft and supple. Giving your lips a subtle brownish tint and making them look desirable as ever – this lip balm is the bomb!

Price Rs 95. Buy it here.

10. KHADI RISHIKESH Herbal Orange Lip Balm

10 lip balms

What’s not to love about this lip balm? It’s herbal and it’s orange flavoured! You’ll find extracts from beeswax, orange oil, cocoa butter and food colour that will nourish and moisturize your lips after every use. Natural and divine are two words that describe this product the best!

Price Rs 110 Buy it here.

11. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm – Fruity Fusion

11 lip balms

Take a break from your bold red lipstick and switch to this lip balm instead! Perfect for everyday use, it gives your lips a reddish glossy finish. This awesome lip balm is rich in polyphenols, Vitamin E and antimicrobial properties. Apply it to your lips twice a day and by the end of the month, you’ll have pretty lips!  

Price Rs 115. Buy it here.

12. Avon Naturals Lip Balm – Strawberry

12 tinted lip balms

Even though you get them in two shades of strawberry and cherry, we think strawberry is the better bet! Whether it’s moisturizing or protecting your lips from the harsh rays of the sun, this lip balm will always continue to amaze you! Superb for chapped lips, it gives them a nice pinkish tint that looks lovely on every skin tone.

Price Rs 199. Buy it here.

13. Oriflame Sweden Tender Care Protecting Balm – Blackcurrant

13 tinted lip balms

This is the kind of lip balm that not only smells delicious, but also comes in super cool packaging. If you love the sweet scent of blackcurrants, you should totally pick this lip balm up. Going by the reviews, this lip balm takes the cake. Giving your lips a light purplish shade and you, a new avatar.  

Price Rs 239. Buy it here.

14. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Balm – Pink Blossom

14 tinted lip balms

This one’s a magical lip balm that instantly changes the colour of your lips after every use. Packed with SPF 16, your lips will not only be saved from rays of the sun, but you’ll also receive a pretty pink tint post use. Doesn’t that sound magical already?

Price Rs 148. Buy it here.

15. The One Lip Spa Care Balm Natural Pink

15 tinted lip balms

Pamper your lips with this ultra-conditioning dual core lip balm with SPF 8 and a pretty glossy shade of baby pink. The canola oil and rose hip seed oil in the balm make sure that your lips stay soft, hydrated, moisturized and supple all day long. You have to try it to believe it, we say!

Price Rs 296. Buy it here.

Which of these babies will you take home first? Let us know your favourite!

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08 Mar 2017

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