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Temporary Hair Colour Brands To Try When You’re Looking For A Colourful Fix

Temporary Hair Colour Brands To Try When You’re Looking For A Colourful Fix

In the beauty world, things have been changing rather quickly in this current post pandemic era. First, everyone on this planet started cutting their own bangs, then came the *I’m going to dye my own hair* phase and thankfully things did not get out of hands. And if you too were keen on dyeing your hair, we say go for it because the time is now! With that being said, here are some brands that should be on your radar if you want to try temporary hair colour.

Best Temporary Hair Colour Brands

Colouring hair is one of the best ways to change your look instantly. But if you’re unsure whether it’s going to suit you or not, then you should try a temporary fix! Here are some amazing temporary hair colour products that’ll convince you to be a unicorn and ride the rainbow!

But, before adding anything to the cart, keep a few pointers in mind.

– Temporary colour will not show up on regular, dark hair.

– It’s only going to show up on pre-lightened/bleached hair.

– It will fade away after a few washes.

Crazy Color

Crazy color is one of the best brands to choose from when it comes to temporary hair colours. Think blue, green, grey, orange- this brand has every hair colour shade you can possibly think of. It is also affordable and the best part is that you can apply it directly on your hair–no need to mix anything in it.

Personal advice- I have been using this brand for years and the colour shows up beautifully when you wash your hair first and apply it on semi-wet hair.

Punky Colour

This is another brand that professional hairstylists rely on because it is just so good! Punky Colour by Jerome Russel is one of the most popular brands and if you’re looking to create some rainbow fantasy on your head, then this is it.

Just pour the temporary colour from the jar into a bowl and apply it using a hair colouring brush. All it’ll take are 15-20 minutes for the colour to show up on your pre-lightened stand and voila, who is dis gurl?!

Makeup Revolution London Silver Angel Rainbow Paste Hair

Makeup Revolution’s sister brand, I Heart Revolution makes some of the cutest beauty products. Their rainbow paste quickly became an Insta sensation when it launched because who doesn’t want to flaunt cute colours without bleaching their hair at all?!

Yup, you read it right. This is not a temporary hair dye but a paste that you can use to add a bit of colour to your strands. But remember, it’s going to wash away after one wash. You can use it on your hair for an impromptu hair makeover or even on your toddler’s hair if they are making a fuss and wish to dye their hair.

Keune Haircosmetics

Keune Haircosmetics is a popular Dutch hair brand that offers professional hair styling products in over 60 countries. So you know that you’ll be getting value for money.  

Lavender was a huge trend this year! Hoodies, tees, makeup looks- this colour is truly a pastel paradise. And if you cannot get enough of this stunning shade, then you have to try their lovely lavender as it’s da bomb!

Manic Panic

If you are looking for a range of semi-permanent hair colours that are as extra AF, then Manic Panic is what you should check out. Think rainbow, pastels, hair colour gels and even high-voltage shades- time to get crazy!

They also have a range of hair colours that requires no bleaching, at all! 


Move over regular hairsprays as it’s time to reach out for colourful ones! Remember when we were kids and we wanted to colour our hair after watching a Disney movie? This will give you nostalgic vibes as it works like those party sprays we had at every birthday party, only this one spritz’s colours!

Streax Professional

Want to upgrade your hair colour without spending $$$ in a salon? We’ve got you, girl. Streax Professionals offer affordable temporary hair colours that come in a variety of shades. Just squeeze out some of the colour and apply it directly over your pre-lightened hair and that’s it.

Ready to make a bold statement with colour?

Featured Image: Instagram, Pinterest

04 Dec 2020

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