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Stiletto Nails Are Having A Main Character Moment, So Here’s How To Achieve This Pointy Perfection

Stiletto Nails Are Having A Main Character Moment, So Here’s How To Achieve This Pointy Perfection

Ladies, we knew the stiletto nail craze had advanced when Kim Kardashian appeared in public wearing them twice in the same week. Why? Because Kim K is known for taking a more glamm approach to her digits and often favouring neutral-pink tones. And this time it was stiletto nails in the limelight! It’s guaranteed to emit a main character vibe. This nail shape, commonly known as “pointy nails,” has long, pointed ends, though it can also have almond-shaped tips.

To be honest, they make it more difficult to type, text, or button up a pair of jeans, but who cares because pointy nails are the main characters that don’t have to worry about such mundane tasks. To help you with your next manicure, we’ve gathered seven best trendy stiletto-shaped nail art designs.


7 Trendy Stiletto Nail Art Designs To Choose From For Your Next Mani Visit

Our love for stiletto nails has been rekindled by Kim’s recent obsession with nails that lean on the pointy side, and now that, we’ve been busy scouring Instagram for the freshest design inspo. Enjoy these pointed pleasures, but avoid poking your eye.

It’s A Pearly Business!

These dreamy mother-of-pearl effect opal nails have been the talk of the town, and we can’t get over how eye-catching they are. Here’s your compromise if you want a solid colour scheme on your pointed acrylics and want to ditch a matte finish.



Glitter, sequins, and diamonds are used to create the appearance of silvery planets against a black base in these space-themed stiletto nails. We love the amalgamation of black and silver!

Up For Leopard Frenchies?

French tips with a twist are what we’re here for! This is a perfect example of how Frenchies can be enhanced with a touch of leopard print to up the style and make them more Instagram-appropriate.


It’s A Retro Mashup With A Modern Twist

We totally endorse this contemporary-retro mashup. The baby blue and mint green colours give it a sleek, modern aesthetic, but the unique shape also adds a touch of vintage. We can see how this colour scheme has everyone’s kisses. Bravo!

Neon Nuance!

You say a highlighting marker meets leopard print? We say “yes” to that. With some understated cuticle bling and a matching ring of shine over the adjacent nail, this OTT nail art design has further improved its appeal. We call it pure perfection.


Watermelon, Sugar, High!

As if ombre-pink stiletto nails weren’t already impressive enough! This nail art appears to have a watermelon thrown into the mix. We demand that all stiletto nails have a fruity accent.

Wedding Bells!

You want your wedding nail to be a little bit more daring than the others. The prettiest pointed French mani has to be this one because it’s accentuated with glitter and blingy business. Just remember not to poke your guests while dancing.


Which one’s your pointy gel delight?

Featured Image: Instagram

05 Dec 2022
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