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5 SPF-Infused Moisturisers That Will Make Wearing Sunscreen Easier

5 SPF-Infused Moisturisers That Will Make Wearing Sunscreen Easier

For some reason, being dedicated to wearing sunscreen is just so difficult. We know that it is important to wear sunscreen both indoors and outdoors because sun damage is no joke & it truly ages your skin. But when sunscreen makes your skin feel greasy, it’s just a turn off. Even if you do find a sunscreen that is lightweight and mattifying, sometimes you still skip it because you either feel you don’t need it indoors or you’re just too lazy to add the extra step to your skincare routine. Thankfully, SPF infused moisturisers are a thing and they, damn well, understand the assignment. 

SPF infused moisturisers are skincare hybrids that simplify your beauty routine by allowing you to skip sunscreen without feeling guilty. They do the work of a moisturiser and a sunscreen in one step so you can simply stick to a CTM routine without having to worry about sun damage. Here’s a list of our favourite SPF moisturisers that make our skin look good while keeping it protected from the sun.

Best SPF Infused Moisturisers Available In India


The Soothing Gel

A sun protection gel containing SPF 25, this product thoroughly soothes the skin and is so lightweight, you won’t realise you are wearing sunscreen. The formula is infused with sandalwood, haldi, and chamomile, which makes it effective in treating inflamed skin as well. It absorbs right into the skin and makes it feel plump and hydrated.

The Mattifying Cooler

Want your skin to feel fresh and energized? This mattifying SPF infused moisturiser by StBotanica delivers on that front. Ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea in the formula give a cooling effect to the skin while the SPF 30 content ensures your skin is protected from the sun. This moisturiser is a good choice for those with oily, acne-prone skin.

The Tinted Choice

This is by far one of the best sunscreen products out there that offer more than any of its counterparts. It has a mattifying effect on the skin, it keeps skin soothed and hydrated, and it also has a tinted formula that corrects skin discolouration for a makeup-like effect. The broad-spectrum SPF 40 feature just makes this product even more amazing.

The Glow Booster

Infused with matcha to provide antioxidants to the skin and sage to soothe and even skin tone, the Prisma Protect SPF 30 Moisturiser by Dermalogica is just something else. Not only does it hydrate your skin and keep it protected from sun damage, it also boosts skin luminosity with its formula that leaves a prismatic finish on the skin.

The Perfecting Cream

An anti-ageing moisturiser with broad-spectrum SPF 30, this product is a gift of nature that your skin is going to fall in love with. The formula is easily absorbed by the skin and it instantly makes it feel plump and radiant. The cream has a slightly pinkish tone which works to correct your skin tone by minimising discolouration.

With these SPF infused moisturisers by your side, you don’t need to worry about skipping on sunscreen.

Featured Images: Pexels

14 Jan 2022

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