15 Super Cool Slogan Tees EVERY College Girl Will Love!

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  May 12, 2017
15 Super Cool Slogan Tees EVERY College Girl Will Love!


If you’re a lover of all things fashion, you probably know that slogan t-shirts are the new definition of cool. From international runways to celebs to our fave stores, we’ve spotted the trend everywhere. And since we LOVE the idea of flaunting our fave messages in uber style, we put together 15 super cool slogan tees for every college girl! They deserve to be added to your closet right away!

1. Stay Happy

1 slogan t shirts

Do what makes you happy and do more of it – always! If you believe in this mantra to keep yourself happy all the time, wear this tee to express your mood!

Price: Rs 695. Buy it here.

2. Pizza Is Bae!

2 slogan t shirts

‘Coz we wouldn’t have it any other way! Calling all the pizza lovers in the house, this one’s for you! Wearing this t-shirt might get you a free slice or maybe two?

Price: Rs 909. Buy it here.

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3. Talk To The Hand

3 slogan t shirts

Whether it’s someone who talks too much or just somebody who asks you to do things their way, it’s always good to let them know that you ain’t listening. Bring out the rebel in you with this striped tee!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

4. Anti-Heartbreak

4 slogan t shirts

Grab this tee and keep the heartbreakers away! It’s cool, casual and conveys the message.

Price: Rs 895. Buy it here.

5. I Dress Up For ME!

5 slogan t shirts

We might like to impress bae once in awhile but mostly, we only dress to look at our own reflection in the mirror. Sorry boys, we always dress for ourselves!

Price: Rs 1,259. Buy it here.

6. For The Bad Girls!

6 slogan t shirts

Bad girls are the sassiest! But you ought to let them know, that being bad ain’t all that easy. Wear your personality on your sleeve and get ready to turn heads!

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

7. Oh-MG!

7 slogan t shirts

Add a quirky touch to your look with this OMG t-shirt. Show off the nerd in you or wear it for your chemistry class to make a statement.

Price: Rs 1,360. Buy it here.

8. The Party Animal

8 slogan t shirts

We’ve found the perfect t-shirt for girls who just LOVE dancing! Just like this tee, you’re fun, carefree and unapologetically yourself. What’s better than dancing the night away anyway?!

Price: Rs 1,490. Buy it here.

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9. Whatevs!

9 slogan t shirts

This is the t-shirt you should put on for all the ‘blah’ days in your life. When you really couldn’t care less about anyone or anything, you’ve got to let the world know!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

10. Work Mode – ON!

10 slogan t shirts

Let this tee bring out the #GirlBoss in your and let people know that you’re gonna get the work done!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

11. Back Bencher!

11 slogan t shirts

You should totally take pride in being a part of the back benchers association. This red cropped tee is a colourful and cute alternative to the basic white t-shirt!  

Price: Rs 559. Buy it here.

12. Love What You Do!

12 slogan t shirts

Do whatcha like because you only live once, friend! Wear this t-shirt with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for an on trend look!

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

13. Don’t Know, Don’t Care

13 slogan t shirts

Flaunt the trendiest styles by wearing this mesh t-shirt with a bold slogan! For women who love to make a bold statement, this t-shirt is beyond perfect. We love it!

Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.

14. Be A Babe

14 slogan t shirts

Who run the world? Girls! What better way than this tee to show the world your feminist side and tell them that we really do everything better than the best?  

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

15. Catch Their Fancy…

15 slogan t shirts

Because a girl’s gotta be classy and fancy! Wear this tee and let them boys know that you have high standards. The bright colour will surely add a pop of colour to your outfit!  

Price: Rs 495. Buy it here.

What are you waiting for ladies? Grab these tees and wear your mood!

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