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Green Beauty: These 6 Shampoo Bars Are A Win-Win For Your Hair And The Planet

Green Beauty: These 6 Shampoo Bars Are A Win-Win For Your Hair And The Planet

Shampoo bars are having a major moment RN. They may sound weird if you’ve never seen one before, but they are just hair shampoo packed down in the form of a bar. The unsung hero is not only a great travel companion but it’s also a super eco-friendly approach to beauty. 

Typically made without sulfates and harsh ingredients that are common in liquid formulas, solid shampoos are also lauded for being gentler on the hair. The new batch of bars really delivers: They are power-packed with high-quality, hydrating actives that are guaranteed to make your hair feel like spun silk. Plus, they skip the plastic packaging altogether. So if you are up for the idea of cutting down on waste, ahead find the best solid shampoos to snap up to show your hair and the planet some love. 

6 Solid Bars Poised To Give Their Liquid Counterparts A Run For Their Money


The Cult-Loved Shampoo Bar

We love this shampoo bar for two reasons: The heart shape bar is, like, v cute, and the formula is really excellent. It’s jam-packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and murumuru butter that moisturise and clean your hair simultaneously. Plus, you’ll smell like you just walked out of a freakin’ garden. Yes, pls.

This One Smells Incredible

Like bar soap, shampoo bars have a reputation for being somewhat stripping to the hair, which is why we love this bar from Juicy Chemistry that’s specifically formulated to be hydrating and non-stripping. Packed with hibiscus, onion, and bhringraj, each bar is infused with natural ingredients to hydrate and strengthen your strands. 

Curly Hair? We Do Care

Earth Rhythm offers an impressive array of 9 different shampoo bars, but if commercial-ready strands are your goal, make this your go-to. Using a host of nourishing ingredients such as biotin, niacinamide, and ginseng, it promises to leave you with super soft, silk-like locks. 

For Luscious Locks

Not only is this bar 100 percent soap-free – which makes it the go-to shampoo for colour-treated hair – but it’s vegan, eco-friendly, and safe for all skin and hair types. It’s formulated with argan oil, red clay, and cocoa butter – so not only does it smell yummy, but it’s a treat for your hair too.

One With Raving Reviews

The shampoo bar will leave your hair extremely moisturised, conditioned, and soft, thanks to the hero ingredients: grapefruit oil, peppermint, and green clay. The formula is sulfate-free yet it still lathers super well. Glowing reviews say that the product also works oh-so-good for those with curly hair, leaving them soft, bouncy, and happy.

To Give Your Hair New Life

Ultra-gentle and sulfate-free, this newbie is specially made to keep your hair shiny and vibrant and won’t strip colour. Using ethically- and naturally-sourced ingredients, it’s also housed in a carton made from 100% recyclable materials. But we’d be remiss to not mention the scent, one of our fave of all time – it’s the best balance of sweet and floral and will have everyone asking what perfume you’re wearing.

BRB, adding these to my cart ASAP.

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Jun 2022

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