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Weave magic with your hair- 10 sexy hairstyles to charm your guy!

Weave magic with your hair- 10 sexy hairstyles to charm your guy!

How you wear your hair in the bedroom makes all the difference for those sexy vibes you’re trying to send out. Your mane can look nothing short of stunning, and can be easily styled so that your hair doesn’t come in the way of things… you know what we mean, right? So, here we are, with 10 sexy hairstyles to wow him in the bedroom. It’ll definitely spark off some action, and it’s a wonderfully subtle way to tell him to ‘come hither’.

1. Heart of hearts

1 sexy hairstyles - heart braid

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What better way to set the mood than braids in the form of a heart? This hairstyle has this cutesy yet sexy appeal to it that is totally worth trying out. Collect half of your hair in a ponytail and make two braids with that hair. After this, place these in a heart shape using bobby pins, and you are all set with your sexy hair for a night full of love!

2. Free flowing and fun


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This hairstyle will look equal parts adorable and sexy. Collect the front part of your hair and create that waterfall hairstyle with it (learn how here). Let the rest of the hair fall free and be ready for his compliments on your sexy hair.

3. Make that milkbraid tonight!

3 sexy hairstyles - milk braid

Image: Shutterstock

This hairstyle looks elegant and oh-so-girly! To make a milkbraid, start with a braid right in front and take it all around, to the other side. It looks amazing, and he will surely find this sexy hairstyle fascinating.

4. Braided beauty

For this hairstyle, make two thin braids on either side, and one slightly thicker one in the centre while the rest of your hair falls free. This effortless yet sexy hairstyle is sure to look super hot in the bedroom.

5. Dreamy donut

5 sexy hairstyles - donut bun

Image: Shutterstock

The neat donut style bun is a sexy hairdo to go for in the bedroom. And the guy would dig this one, ladies! Comb your hair properly and collect it all in a ponytail. Place a donut accessory around the pony and wrap your hair around it to create this hairstyle. This sexy hairstyle will look lovely, we promise!

6. Charm him


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Fine braids in your hair and a funky chain and charms accessories to go with it – this is one hairstyle he will drool over! It’s minimalistic, dreamy and just too sexy! Try it right away to allure him with your sexy hair.

7. Knot(y) and nice

7 sexy hairstyles - messy knot

Image: Shutterstock

There is something flirty and fun about the top knot. Dial up the sexy and go for this hairstyle when you plan to have a fun night in with him. This sexy hairstyle will never fail to impress the man. *Wink*

8. Get messy


A post shared by BBLUNT India (@bbluntindia) on Jun 2, 2017 at 5:29am PDT

Various sections of your hair twisted and turned to form one messy braid in this hairstyle is so dreamy and fun! Don this sexy hairstyle the next time you and he are about to get under the sheets and look fab!

9. Easy Breezy

Blown out hair with slight waves is a simple, stunning and sexy hairstyle to sport in the bedroom. Nothing like this effortless, natural sexy hair, ladies.

10. Ribbon it up


A post shared by Mark Townsend (@marktownsend1) on Apr 20, 2017 at 8:26am PDT

Add a twist to your loose braid by adding a satin ribbon through it. Trust us, it’s worth experimenting with because he is sure to love this sexy hairstyle on you! This hairstyle looks cute and super fun too!

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21 Jun 2017

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