Santa-Approved: 6 Red Lip Glosses That Are Perfect For Christmas

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Dec 24, 2021
Santa-Approved: 6 Red Lip Glosses That Are Perfect For Christmas


Christmas without a red hot lip is a criminal offence; don’t let us find you guilty! Red lip glosses for Christmas is the best of both worlds – you’re sticking to the traditional red theme while staying on the gloss trend like the diva you are. Now that we have supplied you with essential beauty advice, it seems like our responsibility to help you go through with it. Below listed are 6 of the best red lip glosses in the Indian market that spell all things festive and glamm. Get your shopping cart ready for a Bollywood-Esque look this Christmas with these luscious lip glosses, and bring in the Santa Season with a dash of gloss and a whole lotta glamm!

The Hit List

If you’re looking for a gloss that embodies your sass and glamm, and contains it in the spirit of Christmas red, here’s your cheat sheet:

Ravishing Red

Manish Malhotra’s range of lip gloss is the perfect addition to your designer makeup section. Its high shine gloss formula comes in a pigmented red shade that will give you the ravishing red look to match your inner diva.

Glitz & Glamm

Christmas is the time for all things glittery and glamm. What better partner than this lip gloss to pair it with? Its smooth and extra shiny formula contains fine shimmer particles that give your glamm an effortless oomph factor.

Lips Like Sugar

If you’re a sucker for the lip plumping effect you get after using a gloss, then Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss is the one you should be adding to cart RN! Without making your lips go through a stinging or burning process for extreme plumping, this high shine gloss gives your lips a fuller appearance.

Cherry Charm

This one is for our cute girlies who have fruity colours and fragrances as a part of their personality. Your affiliation with all things cute won’t be able to resist this lip gloss. Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss is a lightweight formula with an extra shine that sits comfortably on the lips for long hours, without bleeding or making your lips look tacky.

Power Tripping

If you’re someone who is over the cute and fun games and is serious about her power trip, this deep red lip gloss is the best match for you. Its intensely pigmented formula combines a high coverage formula with an extra glossy effect to match all your festive makeup needs.

Which one of these babies will be making its way to your shopping cart?

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