Feeling Restless? 9 Reality Shows That Might Help You With An Escape

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  May 10, 2021
Feeling Restless? 9 Reality Shows That Might Help You With An Escape


In the past couple of weeks, I have constantly started streaming shows and left them mid-way. And while I am quite a binge-watcher, I have been finding it really hard to commit of late. All the fiction shows and movies are just not doing it for me. In fact, it was only last week that something dawned upon me. It was during a frantic show-hunt  I realised that what I really need right now is an alternate reality.

Within seconds I was digging deep into the “Reality TV” section of all the OTT platforms (Yes, I subscribed to them all!) and it was right there–the kind of content that I really needed to watch for some escape. Well, in case you too have been feeling too distracted or anxious to watch fiction right now, here is a list of some VERYYYY interesting reality shows that might help. Read on:

9 Reality Shows That You Need To Stream RN!

Feeling restless? Here are 9 reality shows that might put you at some ease:

Bling Empire


Mad money, socialites who look down at “ready to wear” Gucci clothes and never-ending parties–that’s just the kind of escape that you need from this mind-numbing reality. Also, while you are at it, don’t forget to draw some sadistic pleasure from the fact that even the richest of them all have some very serious problems to deal with. Ya..ya..I can hear that too. Not taking it back though. Just watch the show and you’d know. 

Where to watch: Netflix

The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives


Okay, let’s put it this way: Is the show “mindless”? Yes, of course! But then again that’s exactly what we expect from a show based on Bollywood wives! Is the show cringy? Hell yes! But that for us is the touchstone for any reality show in India. The idea is simple: a reality show has to be so mind-numbing and mind-blowing at the same time that you can’t help but hate-watch it. And well, we’d have to give it to this Karan Johar creation for being all that. Here’s a reality show giving us a sneak peek into the B-Town celebs’ lives and we stan it. Go watch!

Where to watch: Netflix

Star vs Food


Tell us honestly–how much would you want to see an uber glamm B-Town star slogging it in the kitchen as they ‘try’ to whip up something fancy? Now not to give you any spoilers or anything, it is THE Kareena Kapoor Khan who stars in the first episode. Yes, we know you wanna stream it watch it right away. Do it! 

Where to watch: Discovery Plus

Masterchef Australia


And while we are on the subject of the food–how about we go all pro and give Masterchef Australia a try. Rest assured, it is going to be an immersive experience. Also, it is every bit soothing when you hear the pans clanking, the sauces bubbling, and the grill rustling while you sit and enjoy the sight. 

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

The Big Day


In a disorienting world where your own wedding might sound like a distant dream, how about some vicarious living through the big fat weddings of India’s richest? Trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds and the general feel of festivities is sure to lift up your spirits. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Okay, so while the “reality” element of this show might be questionable, the world knows that when it comes to drama, no one does it better than the Kardashians. I mean, from an episode where the family goes for coffin shopping to jail trips, you’ll find it all. If you have even a teeny tiny thing for ludicrous drama, then it’s high time that you get this show streaming!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime 

Making The Cut


Fashion, good judgment, and impeccable taste–have they got what it takes to run a successful business of fashion? Hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, Making The Cut is a fashion enthusiast’s wildest fantasy come true. If you love fashion then it is the kind of entertainment that you have been waiting for all your life. 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

Selling Sunset


Swanky real estates, even swankier agents, and ‘burger and botox’ parties…now what’s that all about you ask? You’d have to watch this show to find out. That said, you are sure to enjoy the competition, the gorgeous outfits (we are talking trumpet sleeves, turquoise pantsuits, towering stilettos, and more), and most importantly, the unbelievable luxe Los Angeles real estate.  

Where To Watch: Netflix 



Okay, so this is one of those reality shows which are so ridiculous that they are good. No, I am not exaggerating it. There is a reason why the show has survived for over a decade! Also, don’t feel too bad about the participants. They know what they are signing up for and that it is an exposure good enough to be ridiculed on national TV. Check out the career graphs of ex-Splitvilla winners and you’d know!

Where To Watch: Voot

So fam, which one of these reality shows are you streaming tonight?