6 Of The Best Products To Help You Get Rid Of Bumpy Underarms

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 29, 2021
6 Of The Best Products To Help You Get Rid Of Bumpy Underarms


Real talk: having chicken skin on your armpits doesn’t mean you have bad hygiene. In fact, someone can shower four times a day and still be prone to developing tiny bumps. Yes, we all want the same thing from shaving and waxing: smooth, bumpless, irritation-free skin. But at the same time, we expose our armpits to pretty intense stuff. Hello, razor blades, deodorants and body washes. The result can be cactus-like texture – or more likely, skin conditions that look like pimples. 

Let’s set one thing straight though: your body is beautiful in every way, so we’re not saying you need to pay any attention to our advice, but should you want to, while technically harmless, there are ways to get rid of those rough red bumps. So to help you treat it once and for all, we’re rounding up the best products to smoothen those pits so you can put your hands up in the air (and wave it around like you just don’t care)! 

6 Products To Help You Deal With Bumpy Underarms


To Dissolve The Bumps In A Jiffy

This lotion right here is a legit beauty hero for folks struggling with bumpy underarms. It’s a unique blend of 10 percent lactic acid and glycolic acid, a stronger AHA that does the exact same thing: breaks down the bumps and smooths skin. It’s super lightweight and not at all sticky, making it a great pick. Rub it on your underarms, wait for five minutes then top with sunscreen.

For The Smoothest Pits Ever!

Please, don’t try scrubbing the hell out of those tiny bumps – it won’t work and might even worsen the condition. Instead, once a week, gently massage and AHA-based body scrub over your wet skin in the shower, letting it sit for 60 secs before rinsing it off. We swear this glycolic- and lactic acid-spiked formula works wonders!

Red Bumps, Who??

We can’t really talk about bumpy underarms without mentioning the OG hero. It’s pretty much the most recommended product. The formula is filled with lactic acid that helps dissolve keratin plugs while also nourishing the skin. It really, truly works, but only if you do it every day till the world ends. 

For Soft, Supple, Bump-Free Skin

Despite being infused with salicylic acid and lactic acid aka the superheroes of chemical exfoliation, this cream is combined with a thoroughly moisturising base to keep the skin smooth, soft, and supple. Add this to your cart to bid adieu to bumpy underarms for good!

In-Shower Treatment

As the bumps are built-up of keratin, sulfur is a powerful agent that dissolves the bond in your keratin plus, helping them to shed faster. The soap is filled with heavy-duty ingredients including 10% sulfur and 3% salicylic acid, making it a bump-kicking powerhouse. Just note that this stuff can be drying. Gently rub it over your wet skin, wait for 5 seconds, and rinse off. 

The Cult-Favourite Formula

Dermadoctor’s body scrub is one of the game-changing formulas to treat red bumps. Infused with lactic, glycolic, and azelaic acid, the scrub helps in buffing away dry patches while chemically exfoliating your bumps. It can be used all over the arms, thighs, and butt. The formula is not quite as gentle, though, so if you have ultra-sensitive skin, opt for a bump eraser instead. 

It’s crucial to hydrate your skin after exfoliation, we suggest using a mild lotion like this one. It’ll help keep your underarm area smooth and moisturised.

Add these to your cart to bid adieu to ‘chicken skin’ forever!

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