6 Hair Products To Add To Your Routine Cause Life May Not Be Perfect, But Your Curls Can Be!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 28, 2021
6 Hair Products To Add To Your Routine Cause Life May Not Be Perfect, But Your Curls Can Be!


Wearing our hair au naturel has never been more on-trend, but those of us with wavy or curly tresses know that letting our kinks loose with abandon is easier said than done. Our curls can only be as good as the products we use – gorgeously defined curls and healthy, hydrated strands go hand in hand after all. 

As anyone with curly hair can likely attest to, curls are a constant journey of trial and error. Though everyone’s journey to embracing their natural hair texture is as varied as curl patterns themselves, the one thing that remains constant is finding that perfect care product can be a challenge. The curly-haired crew knows that having the right set of products takes time to settle on, but once you’ve found the magical combo there’s no turning back. So to help you put your shiniest, bounciest curls forward, we’re listing down the best product you need to put on your radar stat. From styling creams to smoothing shampoos to leave-in conditioners,  we’ve got you – and your curls- covered.

6 Hair Products That’ll Help Your Curls Live Their Best Life

To Make Detangling A Pain-Free Breeze

Argan oil is tough to top when it comes to oils that hydrate your hair, and this serum packs plenty of it along with onion seed oil and moringa oil. A little bit of this serum goes a long way to keep strands moisturised and elastic. It also detangles and softens the hair leaving it silky-smooth and shiny. 

To Live Your Best Curl Life

‘Coz your hair could use a Lil extra loving. This cruelty-free, preservative-free and vegan brand will give your hair the love and attention it needs. The Formula is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates and mineral oil, so you can cleanse and condition guilt-free, knowing your scalp and hair isn’t compromised with harsh chemicals.

For That Salon-Level Shine

There are days when all you want is to let your curls hang freely, wearing them down for the day. But how about adding a Lil extra shine to your locks? Enriched with the benefits of shea butter, cocoa, aloe vera leaf juice and essential oils – This product is highly conditioning. It will give you soft and shiny tresses without harming your hair. And one of the best things about this – you don’t have to be cautious when you apply it to your scalp.

To Rock Those Gram-Worthy Curls

We love this curl cream. On days when you want to pull off a celebrity-inspired hairdo – the cocktail of ingredients of this curl conditioner can really help! It will give your hair a natural definition and bounce. Perfect for unruly curls – the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Honey is a medium control curling cream ideal for defining naturally coarse, frizzy curls & waves. It tames the frizz, giving a touchable and silky finish – making your hair smooth and workable. The Formula is perfect for managing your curls and waves effortlessly.

To Keep Curls Defined And Bouncy All Day

If your second – or third-day curls are usually relegated to a twist, bun, or braid because they’re so dry, dehydrated and undefined, may I introduce you to your new BFF? Formulated with wheat protein and organic aloe Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to help intensify your curl or wave.

A Surge Of Moisture For Your Waves And Curls

Kerastase makes some of the best products for curly hair. Honestly one of the best formulas we’ve ever tried, and we’ve tried a lot. This Formula gives long-lasting, gorgeous curls and waves. This curl shampoo is praised by beauty savants for its intense moisturising properties. It’ll soften coarse, curly hair while enhancing your natural curls and eliminating frizz.

‘Coz love is in the hair!

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