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Powder-Based Cleansers Are The Talk Of The Town RN & We’re Filling You In

Powder-Based Cleansers Are The Talk Of The Town RN & We’re Filling You In

Newsflash: the skincare industry is going through a breakthrough and it is high time you pick sides. Powder facial cleansers – the new fragment of the market’s invention is here and they aim to bring yet another evolutionary skincare hack to us. If you haven’t heard about them yet, let us summarise their existence in the shortest way possible- cleansing + very light exfoliation.

A powder cleanser is exactly what it sounds like – a facial cleanser in powder form instead of your usual gel, cream or foam textures. You will have to scoop your required quantity, mix half to equal parts of water to make it into a thick paste, and use it to cleanse your facial skin. Its mildly grainy texture remains even after being mixed with water and offers an extremely gently exfoliation action, to help remove dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and makeup residue. However, depending on their exfoliating properties, most of them should only be used every other day or 2-4 times a week. If you’re as convinced by this skinvestment as we are, we’ve got your back. Listed below are 10 of the most amazing powder cleanser that will make your journey into the powder cleansing world a worthwhile ride. Get ready, because you won’t be able to look back!

Tried, Tested & Loved

The Adam & Eve Of Powder Cleansers

We saw the first of powder cleansers with this mini packing punch. Its microfoliant exfoliating formula is famous for leaving the skin brighter, smoother and clearer.

Our Fave Double Cleanser

The perfect addition to any 2 step cleansing routine, this silky-smooth powder cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping off the skin’s natural hydration.


An Extra Dose Of Care

This skin conditioning rice powder cleanser not only cleanses your skin deeply but revitalizes your skin cells and improves the complexion.

Detox Drama Essentials

The perfect companion to your detoxifying skincare, Indulgeo Essential’s UFF Dry facial cleanser is packed with the goodness of matcha, hibiscus, neem and grapefruit to offer your skin a naturally purifying effect.

Back To Your Roots

Kama Ayurveda’s Mridul powder cleanser takes skincare back to our Indian roots with a blend of herbs, cereals and pulses, and gives the skin a radiant, fresh glow.

Your Anti Acne Fix

This is a certified organic powder cleanser with turmeric extracts that can help fight acne and fade the appearance of your acne scars.


Some Sensitive Care

Sensitive skin people might want to stick to this powder wash by Juice To Cleanse. It packs an extra punch of gentle care and offers a no-irritation cleanse.

Natural Skincare FTW

If you’re a sucker for natural skincare, this neem face wash powder by Brillare is your best pick.

Right after you’re done with powder cleansing your facial skin squeaky clean, make sure to load your skin up with max moisturization:

Which of these powder cleansers convinced you to add them to the cart?


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06 Jan 2022

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