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10 Easy Ways To Make Your Period Less Painful

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Period Less Painful

No matter how many years it’s been since we’ve been getting our periods, we are never completely prepared to deal with it. Sometimes mother nature knocks on our doorstep and on other times bangs on our doorstep, thus we have a few period hacks and lifestyle changes that can help soothe your pain during your periods and make the most dreaded time of the month, a little peaceful one!

1. Apps can help!

The five days of cramping, bloating and pain killers will pay its visit to you every month and its better be prepared for it rather than be surprised. Understand your cycle or use the period tracker apps to prepare and brace yourself.

1 period hacks

2. Cut down the caffeine

Feeling bloated? Well, caffeine will make it worse for you as it has a tendency to retain more water which would result in you feeling even more bloated. Cutting down on caffeine during your period would help you in getting rid of the nasty bloated feeling.


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3. Heating pad is bae

Heat doesn’t only make us feel comfortable and cozy during our periods, it also helps in stimulating the blood flow and thus decreases the cramps. Also, applying heat to the abdomen has the same effect as painkillers do. Thus, the heating pad is an easy solution to ease the pain and feel comfortable at the same time.

3 period hacks

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4. Stay away from salty foods

Even though we crave salty junk food the most while we are on our periods, and that’s what makes life harder for us. Salt also makes our body retain more water and thus adds to the bloating. Swap the packet of chips with almonds, oranges and bananas and feel lighter and better about yourself.

5. Don’t avoid exercise

Yes, we know that it feels like your uterus might tear apart but exercising during our periods is important. During exercise, our body releases endorphins, a hormone which makes us feel good and happy about ourselves. These hormones further help in defeating the bad hormones in our body which gives us cramps. Thus, go for a walk, a light jog or maybe do some yoga during your periods and you’ll feel a lot better for sure.

5 period hacks

6. Become a starfish

Next time you have back cramps, lie down in a starfish position and ease off your pain. For this, lie on your back with your legs open and arms on the side and get rid of the back cramps the natural way.


7. Eat dark chocolate

Yup! Although coffee and junk food are a no no, but dark chocolate is a big yes. Being on your period allows you to indulge in dark chocolate without feeling guilty. Eating this will soothe your cravings, make you feel good and the magnesium present in dark chocolate will further help in fighting the cramps.

7 period hacks

8. Stay hydrated

There is no limit to the amount of water you should be drinking while you are on your period. It’s easy to get dehydrated during this time and drinking gallons of water would help you fight bloating and fatigue. Further, water would also help in digestion and would help you process your meals faster and better.

9. Ginger tea

Ginger has magical powers and works wonders for all period related problems. It helps in treating nausea, reduces inflammation and pain and thus reduces the cramps. To make ginger tea, simply cut ginger into little pieces and boil the same. Add this water to your mint or lemon tea and remember to stay away from green tea as that contains caffeine.


10 period hacks

10. Just sleep

If nothing else is working for you, then just go ahead and sleep it off. Grab your eye mask and just curl up in bed! Goodnight world!


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26 May 2017

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