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#BestOfBeauty: 11 Beauty Tools That Are Actually Worth Your Money

#BestOfBeauty: 11 Beauty Tools That Are Actually Worth Your Money

The verdict is out, some things are worth spending your money! Open any beauty page, be it an influencer, a bigshot company for tutorials and you’ll see dozens of beauty tools being the highlight. Those days are long gone when washing your face, followed by using a Face toner and a moisturizer meant #Skincare!

Beauty tools are not an accessory that makes your beauty routine fancier but they actually do a wonderful job, be it with a smoother application of makeup or simply to boost your skincare regimen.


Are These Beauty Tools Worth The Splurge?

Totally! Many of these tools have become cult favourites because of how awesome they make our beauty routines! Not only do they look pretty sitting on our vanities or on our #InstaFeed, but also have the power to make us feel good.

Here are our top picks that every beauty junkie must try at least once.


To Pout Out Loud

If you are obsessed with lipsticks, then you need a lip brush in your life! As ‘not so necessary’ it may sound, makeup artist and mavens have been relying on a good ‘ol lip brush for years it helps them get the pout they always desired.

It also allows you do create lip gradients, reach the inner corner of your mouth, create a perfect outline on your lips and just make applying a lipstick a much more amazing experience!


Pink Egg For The Win

Ah, the famous pig egg. Want a seamless finish? Use a beauty blender! Want to bake your face? Beauty blender it is. Want to stab your ex in the eye? Use the conical part of the beauty blender!

Ever since the beauty blender hit the market, dozens of competitor makeup brands have come up with their versions of it (remember the silicone sponge? urghh), but nothing gets the job like the good ‘ol sponge!


Can I Get My Hair Commercial Already?

This epic brush is specially designed for you to have a good hair day, every day, even if you’re constantly on the go. It keeps your hair frizz-free and straightens it immediately. The brush’s bristles are manufactured in such a way that you can use it any way you want without it burning your scalp. Since we all are quarantined, trust the Alan Truman Blow Brush to have salon styled hair at home!


Wanna Glow?

Teresa Tarmey’s Microneedling Kit is the perfect way to experience the procedure at home. It leaves your skin feeling plumped up and glowing. The kit comes with various fancy tools so that you do it anytime at home! To avoid any skin damage, make sure you know how to do it right. 


Ice, Ice Baby!

I bet you have seen bloggers using this on their face. A facial ice globe is a great tool as it helps reduce the puffiness from your face, improves blood flow, tames down any form of allergy or redness and provides a healthy overall glow. Just use it once before you do your makeup and see your face depuff and glow!

Bye Blackheads, BYE

Who came up with the concept of blackheads? God? We need to have a talk.


Blackheads are so annoying, especially if they are HUGE! And if there’s anything I hate more than waxing is getting my blackheads extracted. Painful AF. But not anymore. Remove those pesky things from the comfort of your home.

‘Coz Dead Skin Is Never In

Dead skin around your fingers or toes? Time to shave it off! Use a callus shaver to remove that thicked skin and have a silky smooth texture.


Caution: Removing the dead skin is a tedious job and you have a 100% chance of hurting yourself if you’ve never done it before. Make small cuts and make sure you’re removing only the dead skin. If you’re scared, just cut a small part and use a pumice stone to buff it all off.

‘Coz My Lashes Are More Dramatic Than Me

Firstly, let me address the elephant in the room. Yes, using an eyelash heater is completely safe as companies do tons of tests to ensure the maximum temperatures settings are safe around the eyes and that the tool itself won’t cause any burns or damage.


If you’re looking for lashes that are curlier than Maggi, you have to try one of these bad boys. Heated eyelash curler might become your new BFF since they always make your lashes look so EXTRA! The heated wand curls up your lashes, hence the impact.



When In Doubt, Just Pluck It Out

Trust an epilator to always leave you feeling oh-so-smooth. An epilator is a tool that plucks out unwanted hair from your body. The best part, you can literally do it anywhere. Your home, long cab drives, at the club- you keep it recharged!

PS: This is great for people who have an allergic reaction every time they get waxing done.


For A Fab Hair Day, Every Day

Trust me, this product is all hyped up for all the good reasons. It is so easy to use! The multi-use Dyson Airwrap’s innovative technology allows you to do wonders with your hair, in just a matter of minutes. It uses a unique technology that minimizes any heat damage to your hair while styling. So you can feel free to use it every day. What’s better? It comes with multiple attachments such as the blow dryer, straightener and a curler. You won’t ever need any other hair styling tool if you get this one. 

A Little Bit Of Gua Sha Therapy

Add the magic of natural energy and good vibes to your skincare regimen with Gua sha. Gua Sha is an alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a beauty tool to improve circulation, helps reduce puffiness, improves blood circulation, reduces acne & fine lines, helps eliminate toxins, strengthens skin cells and boosts collagen too.


Sourced from Brazil, these amethyst stones are one of a kind and are carved & polished without any chemical treatment. Each piece has its own unique crystalline formation and yours will be the one and only.

Today is a good day to spend some money, don’t you think? 😉


Featured Image: YouTube

17 Mar 2020
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