15 Night Time Skincare Products To Wake Up With A *Glow*

Sonali PawarSonali Pawar  |  Jun 5, 2017
15 Night Time Skincare Products To Wake Up With A *Glow*


All of us know that good sleep is essential, not only to keep your body healthy but your skin as well. You can wake up with healthier, fresh skin if you follow a night-time routine, especially with good products made for your skin type. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, these skincare products will give you a glowing complexion and clear skin in the AM. Here are some amazing skincare products to use at bedtime and wake up with gorgeous skin the next day!

1. Liva Derclean Hydrogel Cleanser


It’s always a good idea to clean your skin with a cleanser. This cleanser will help reduce the amount of sebum produced from your pores. It will also keep your dry skin hydrated and make it look plump and radiant in the morning. Bid goodbye to your oily skin woes with this cleanser!

Price: ₹299. Buy it here.

2. Oriflame Sweden Milk And Honey Gold Nourishing Hand And Body Cream


Keep your skin moisturized at night for a radiant and glowing skin in the AM. It softens and nourishes your skin, giving it that silky texture. If you are a girl who has dull and dry skin, then make sure to moisturize with this fab hand and body cream by Oriflame.

Price: ₹349. Buy it here.

3. Lotus Herbals Berryscrub Strawberry and Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash


If you don’t have the time to scrub during the night, you can use this exfoliating face wash. It will brighten up your skin and get rid of excess oil, especially in the areas more prone to greasiness – your T-zone, for instance. Use this face wash on a daily basis as it has gentle exfoliating granules and won’t make your skin dry.

Price: ₹107. Buy it here.

4. Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum and Rosehip Serum


This rejuvenating serum will change your skin overnight, ladies. Apply this serum after you’ve washed your face and let it work while you sleep. You’ll wake up with fresh, hydrated and plump skin in the morning. It works wonders and we absolutely love it!

Price: ₹550. Buy it here.

5. Artisanal Skincare Wild Turmeric & Sandalwood Face Mask


If you’re someone who’s dealing with dull skin, this face mask will give you a glowing complexion. It cools down your skin and plumps it up, without making it dry. It also helps treat the acne as it is enriched with turmeric, which is known to have antibacterial properties. Apply this mask before going to sleep and wash your face with lukewarm water and see the results the next day!

Price: ₹750. Buy it here.

6. Biotique Bio Almond Soothing And Nourishing


The skin around your eyes is soft and that’s why it’s more prone to wrinkles. Nourish and hydrate the delicate area around your eyes with this soothing eye cream. It will help calm your skin and reduce the inflammation around your eyes, giving your peepers a fresh look in the morning.

Price: ₹149. Buy it here.

7. Inveda Cleansing Oil


Dry skin woes? Massage this cleansing oil into your skin and get a soft and clear complexion. It will help get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, pollution and the leftover makeup. It will also restore the suppleness of your skin and give you that radiant glow.

Price: ₹695. Buy it here.

8. Aroma Magic Mint Deep Cleanser


This mild cleanser will help remove excess oil and impurities from your skin. It cleanses your pores thoroughly and gets rid of sebum and dirt. This product will leave your skin fresh and soft and is amazing for girls with oily skin.

Price: ₹238. Buy it here.

9. Biobloom Face Mist


Provide your tired skin with instant freshness with the help of this face mist. It consists of delicate floral scents from Jasmine which will make you smell amazing. It also has anti-oxidant rich therapeutic properties that will hydrate and nourish your skin.

Price: ₹225. Buy it here.

10. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion


Lock in the moisture after you’re done washing your face with this amazing lotion. It will seal the moisture which will help in preventing dry and flaky skin. For someone with dry or sensitive skin, this lotion is a blessing as it will keep your skin hydrated all year long and is also very gentle on your skin.

Price: ₹607. Buy it here.

11. Konjac Facial Sponge


Even if you’re aren’t in the sun the entire day, your skin can get greasy and produce excess sebum. For girls with super oily skin, this cleansing sponge is a blessing. Scrub away your entire day’s grime with this facial scrub which has bamboo charcoal in it. It will get rid off all the excess oil and you won’t have to wake up with excess greasiness in the morning, anymore!

Price: ₹699. Buy it here.

12. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Peel Off Mask


Provide your oily skin with some extra TLC every night. This peel-off mask by Himalaya will help lighten your acne scars and other marks. It will also reduce the greasiness and leave you with gorgeous and clear skin. Make it a habit of using it every night for a radiant complexion in the morning.

Price: ₹105. Buy it here.

13. Indus Valley Organic Bio Oil


Not really a cream kind of a person? Don’t worry, as this facial oil will keep your skin hydrated and happy. This oil is great for dry skin and will help improve your skin tone. It will also work on banishing acne and acne scars that we absolutely dislike. It’s a perfect night-time skin care product, ladies!

Price: ₹475. Buy it here.

14. Kaya Skin Clinic Acne Free Purify Spot Corrector


Target all the pesky acne with this spot corrector by Kaya. It helps dry up acne overnight without making your entire skin dry and reduces the inflammation and irritation. It consists of salicylic acid which targets the pores with active acne and makes your skin clear and smooth.

Price: ₹849. Buy it here.

15. Globus Hyaluronic Acid & Active Vitamin C Face Wash


For girls who want to even out their skin tone, this face wash is what you need. Banish dark spots while sleeping by using this face wash before you hit the bed. It is enriched with vitamin C that will help break down the pigmentation and discolouration, making your complexion even and clear again.

Price: ₹198. Buy it here.

Enjoy your beauty sleep, girls.

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