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15 *Natural* Beauty Products That Actually Work Wonders!

15 *Natural* Beauty Products That Actually Work Wonders!

Don’t you just love amazing products that work wonders for your skin and hair and are completely organic? Us too! If you’re looking for natural, herbal and safe products, here are 15 awesome and natural beauty products that actually work! Say goodbye to chemicals for good! *yay*

1. Anatomicals Citrus Body Scrub

1 natural beauty products

It smells of delicious grapefruit and comes in an adorable pink tube. While it buffs dead cells away, it also polishes your skin at the same time. Use this once or twice a week for extremely soft and velvety skin all over!    

Price: Rs 553. Buy it here.


2. Aloe Veda Turmeric Facial Ubtan Pack

2 natural beauty products

A chemical-free facial mask that contains natural herbs, dried leaves, sun dried flowers, barks and roots. All ingredients are hand-ground and promise to give your skin a radiant glow. While preparing the Ubtan mask, feel free to add milk, honey or rosewater. Blending either of the ingredients will give you a refreshing and earthy paste with a pleasant scent.

Price: Rs 361. Buy it here.

3. Ayca Jasmine Body Lotion

3 natural beauty products


Love the divine scent of jasmine flowers? Now you can smell like one too! This fabulous body lotion is simply amazing because it moisturizes and nourishes dry and flaky skin. It’s non-greasy and leaves behind a strong, relaxing aroma after every use.

Price: Rs 1,100. Buy it here.

4. Khadi Strawberry Soap

4 natural beauty products

This bar of soap is not just free from chemicals, but also nourishes skin with essential oils. It’s herbal and will give your skin the love and care it deserves. Did we mention that it smells absolutely delicious too?


Price: Rs 65 Buy it here.

5. Cocoa Lip Balm

5 natural beauty products

Doesn’t this lip balm remind you of freshly ground coffee powder? In fact, it contains cocoa butter, almond oil, beeswax and coconut oil. Scrub your lips with this to remove layers of dead skin cells. You’ll have soft, plump lips in no time!

Price: Rs 220. Buy it here.


6. Dear Earth Tea Tree Purifying Face Wash

6 natural beauty products

This face wash is not oily, prevents acne and cleanses the dirt from your skin like a pro! It is made from all natural ingredients like neem, lemon, tea tree, coconut, pogonia, basil and plantain. Picking this up would be the BEST decision you’ve made today.

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

7. Just Herbs Aglow Neem-Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser

7 natural beauty products


Doesn’t it look like a cute bottle of sand from afar? Well, only if you take a closer look would you realize that it’s a face cleanser that’s packed with rare ayurvedic herbs. It’s a 4 in 1 product and does the job of cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating and skin toning. This baby maintains the natural pH of your skin and gives you a matte, clear and fresh complexion.

Price: Rs 336. Buy it here.

8. Khadi Natural Woody Sandal & Honey Herbal Shampoo

8 natural beauty products

If having long and strong hair is the dream, you should definitely check out this shampoo. It’s chemical-free and gives off a pleasant sandalwood scent while repairing damage and strengthening your locks. It will give your strands the shine, bounce and glossy texture you’ve always desired.


Price: Rs 210. Buy it here.

9. Peaches & Cream Body Moisturiser

9 natural beauty products

Firstly, doesn’t this jar look so cute?! It’s packed with cold pressed apricot oil and aloe extracts. It is suitable for all skin types and improves complexion. Scoop some of it and slather it on your arms and legs. Trust us, It will make your skin smell delicious all day long.

Price: Rs 1,560. Buy it here.


10. Earth Organic Amla Hibiscus Hair Oil

10 natural beauty products

There’s no reason to treat damaged hair at a salon. You can do so at home with this fab hair oil. It strengthens hair follicles to prevent breakage, keeps the scalp healthy and prevents premature greying. Plus, it’s 100% organic!

Price: Rs 425. Buy it here.

11. Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream

11 natural beauty products


Just before you call it a night, don’t forget to apply this night cream. It contains saffron and sandalwood extracts that help nourish dry and dull skin. You’ll now be waking up to radiant and firm skin every morning.

Price: Rs 2,250. Buy it here.

12. Greenberry Organics Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body And Hand Lotion

12 natural beauty products

We love the packaging, the cute font and the fact that it’s an organic beauty product. It’s free from chemicals and contains cocoa butter and japanese orange extracts. This helps keep your hands moist and baby soft at all times!


Price: Rs 297. Buy it here.

13. Fabindia Aloe Cucumber Gel Pack

13 natural beauty products

Containing thick aloe vera gel and the cool juice of wild cucumbers, this baby moisturizes the skin and helps it stay fresh and hydrated. Just apply the pack for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water and pat dry. Do this once a week or whenever your complexion needs a brightening boost.

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.


14. Coconut Massage Oil for Hair and Body

14 natural beauty products

You know what’s amazing about this massage oil? It’s for both, hair and body. It gives off a mild, pleasant scent and relaxes your body from head to toe. You can now give yourself a spa treatment at home! Pretty cool, eh?

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here.

15. The Body Shop Honeymania Soap

15 natural beauty products


Doesn’t this honeycomb-shaped soap look absolutely adorable?! Made from the nectar of wild flowers, this nourishing bar is super moisturizing and gives a rich, floral scent. With every scrub, you’ll instantly feel closer to nature. It’s a quality product and is a steal for the price.

Price: Rs 213. Buy it here.

Go natural ALL the way, we say!

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05 Dec 2016

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