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14 Best Gifts For New Moms On Mother’s Day!

14 Best Gifts For New Moms On Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is a really special day for every mom, but when you are a new mom and it is the first time that you are going to celebrate the day as a mommy, that feeling is really exciting. If you know a new mom whose baby is too young to get a gift for her mommy, then you should definitely get some gift ideas for her to make her day even more special.

Now, if you are deciding a mother’s day gift for new mom and don’t know what she will like, then don’t worry! Here we are with some best mother’s day ideas and a list of 14 creative diy mother’s day gifts for new moms that you can give to make her feel special.

Unique and Creative Mother’s Day Gifts For New Moms

Mother’s day is around the corner and if you want to know some ideas of best gifts for new moms, then here we have got some great ideas for you. Have a look!

Daily Planners



Every day is a hectic day in a new mom’s life, so she needs to plan her day accordingly. To help her plan her day properly, you can give her a unique daily planner, which is actually one of the most creative mother’s day gifts for new moms. She can use a planner to create her list of working hours, feeding time, rest time and much more stuff that generally new moms forget to do as they get too busy taking care of their newly born child.

You can get one such daily planner that gives all positive vibes with its amazing covers from POPxo Shop. Also, you can avail a 25% discount with the coupon code “NEW25” on all the products if you are a new user.

Phone Covers And Laptop Sleeves

Phone cover

Every kid is naughty and when it comes to the point of time when they start crawling and running here and there, so it is obvious that they will create a mess. One common thing that most of us must have seen is babies throwing phone and laptop’s when it does not interest them anymore.


So, if you are searching for special mothers day gift for new mom, then giving a good quality phone cover and laptop sleeve is the best choice you can make. You can easily get the best quality phone covers and laptop sleeves from POPxo Shop, they have got some really cool designs in it that a new mom will definitely love.

Tote Bags

tote bag

Whenever new moms go out with their baby, it becomes really important to carry all the stuff that their baby loves and requires. She needs to carry the baby’s feeding bottle, extra clothes, favorite toys and many more. And to carry all such stuff, a new mom surely need a comfy bag that is big enough to carry everything in it.

If you are giving a tote bag to a new mom who loves quirky things, then you can get one such quirky tote bag from the latest collection of POPxo Shop. We are this will make perfect mothers day gift for new mom.


Wall Clocks

wall clock

As we all know, a new mom doesn’t really get the time for themselves or any of their other interests as she is all busy taking good care of her baby. So, to help her take out some time for herself and working accordingly, you can give her a wall clock that will help her to do everything as her pre-planned work schedule. This is surely one of the most unique gifts for new moms yet it is the best one because self-care is as important as taking care of everyone else whom you love.

You can get some really cute and well-designed wall clocks from the latest collection of POPxo Shop, as it will not only help the new mom but will also beloved by the kids because of the funky designs.




Scrapbook is a really amazing gift for mom as the scrapbooks for new mommies have proper sections assigned for pictures, name, blessings, first words, etc. These types of scrapbooks are basically made to keep the first year memories of the baby, from his first year festivals to the blessing his visitors gave him. All you need to do is pick this mothers day gift for new mom and appreciate her.

Spa Session Vouchers


New moms face a tough time while taking care of their babies. They don’t get time to pamper themselves and often gets really tired as they don’t get time to sleep and the body starts to ache. So, giving a luxurious spa session voucher is one of the best gifts for her to show that you actually care about her. One can never go wrong with this amazing restorative gift.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo


As new moms get too busy taking care of their baby, they don’t even get a few minutes to spare from her busy schedule for herself. There are moms who don’t get time to brush their teeth in the morning and there are days when she has to skin her bathing routine. So, giving a dry shampoo to a new mom can be a lifesaver for her.

Feeding Dresses


Feeding dress is one of the most thoughtful gifts for new moms. Breastfeeding is a natural process that every mother do to feed her baby. And there are times when she is out somewhere with her baby and it gets uncomfortable to feed the baby in a not so private atmosphere. So, gift a feeding dress to a new mom which actually help her a lot.

Digital Photo Frame



Digital photo frames are a fancy version of keep memories with us. It basically works with a USB port and some internal memory in which you can save your memories. The pictures will keep changing like a slideshow and it will be a super interesting gift to give. You can add pictures of the mom with her baby or even her family pictures and this will be one of the most creative mother’s day gifts for new moms.

Comfy Footwear


Running behind the baby, balancing professional and personal life and eventually getting no time to rest is the life of a new mom. And all this shuffling around the work needs a comfy pair of footwear to feel extremely comfy after an exhausting day. You can give a comfy pair of footwear to a new mom to help her keep comfortably going with life balance.

Grooming Kit



There are cases where women have no skin problem or body aches before pregnancy, but after pregnancy women tend to have problems like acne, body ache or see changes in their skin type. And as after pregnancy, they get really busy taking care of their baby, they don’t really get time to go and buy grooming products for them. This makes a grooming kit an ideal gift that she will surely love.

Professional Photoshoot


Maternity photo shoots are in trend nowadays. These photo shoots include the time when the mom is pregnant and when the baby is a few days or even months old. So, you can plan on to put an effort and choose from among various gift ideas for her. Believe me nothing will beat this, a booking with a professional photographer to get an amazing photo shoot done with her baby. This can be one of the most amazing gifts for new moms on mother’s day.

Nutritious and Tasty Snacks (Hampers)



New moms generally don’t get time to take care of themselves as they get too busy taking care of their kids. They sometimes don’t take proper meals and get no time to rest. And if she will get a nutritious and tasty snack hamper, then it will surely make it easy for her to grab a nutritious snack to munch when she is not getting proper time to have a proper meal. Also, as new moms breastfeed their kids, they tend to get really hungry, which makes it an ideal gift.

Books or Ebooks


“Books are our best friend” This is something that we all must have heard, so it can be a perfect gifting option for new moms on mother’s day. Give her an amazing book that talks about a mother’s love or how strong women are and how they are balancing their personal and professional life. Give a book that will inspire her.

So, these were the 14 unique gifts for new moms on Mother’s day that she will surely love to receive.


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