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The 66th Grammy Awards Saw Women Winning The World Over & These Moments Have Our Heart

The 66th Grammy Awards were a hit for a lot of reasons. What we particularly loved about this year was the fact that women dominated the awards. From Joni Mitchell leaving us with wisdom to Taylor Swift announcing her new album, it was quite the night. It was also a reminder for the world, that if women want it, it’ll be a woman’s world. The love, the cheering, the hooting and all the respect for each other’s work was… truly something else.

Taylor Swift Grammy win 2024

Here are all the best moments:

1. Miley Cyrus winning her first Grammy.

Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy at the 2024 awards for the best pop solo, Flowers. The win was already special for her and the fans, and then she went on to perform the solo during her acceptance speech. The best part was that she screamed “I just won my first Grammy” during the performance. It was pure MC.


2. Tracy Chapman getting a standing ovation.

Tracy Chapman performed Fast Car with Luke Combs during the awards show. The song was originally written and performed by her in 1988, and Luke Combs released a new cover of the song last year in April. So this performance was everything the audiences were manifesting. So much so, that it went on to receive a teary (happy) standing ovation.

3. Taylor Swift announced a new album.

While accepting her award, Taylor Swift announced her brand new album on stage, called The Tortured Poets Department. it will release on April 19. The reaction was everything one would imagine – there was a lot of cheering. Swifties are understandably exhilarated because two good things happened on the same day.


4. Joni Mitchell performed Both Sides Now.

The song already contains multitudes to it, however this performance somehow felt different at the Grammys. The reactions were understandably as emotion inducing as the song itself. While her first ever Grammy performance was already a special moment, she also went on to win the award for the Best Folk Album.

5. Dua Lipa made this year very HAPPENING.

The artist did an entire performance on a jungle gym, where she even rotated (and revolved?) on a cube, while singing. It set an altogether different tone for the show, and nothing we have seen before. She sang her hit, while also teasing a new song, which could not have been done in a better way.


6. Women hyping other women.

When Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy, Taylor Swift cheered for her, and it felt more than just a sweet visual. Celine Dion’s surprise appearance also witnessed a lot of love. There was clearly a lot of respect for the art and the artists at the show – and we especially felt moved by all the women hyping each other.

7. Billie Eilish left us with What Was I Made For?

After Billie Eilish gave us What Was I Made For? last year, it already meant a lot. So her performance at the Grammys was moving. It reminded us that with Barbie, we got something so timeless – the song. She also reminded us what it meant when we said that Barbie healed our inner child – because each thing about the movie did. Every thing about this song still does, and we are thankful.


These women, their wins and performances will always keep it special.

06 Feb 2024

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