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15 AMAZING Sunscreens To Keep Your Skin Safe & Soft!

15 AMAZING Sunscreens To Keep Your Skin Safe & Soft!

We’re sure that by now you’ve read umpteen articles on how important it is to apply sunscreen on the face every single day. Be it sunny, rainy or snowy weather, there is absolutely no reason for not applying some SPF on your face before stepping outdoors. And so ladies, choosing the right kind of sunblock that not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun, but also moisturizes your skin well, is of utmost importance. Here, we give you 15 fabulous moisturizers with SPF, that will keep your skin soft and safe all day long.

POPxo Selfie-Ready Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ 30g

Formulated for all types of skin, the POPxo Selfie Ready Tinted Sunscreen is a triple-duty product in the way that it starts off as a primer, doubles up as a glow-inducing tinted moisturiser, and sun-proofs your skin. It has a strength of SPF-50 to protect you from UVB rays, and it comes with a PA+++ rating—which means that it provides high levels of protection from UVA rays. While UVB rays are associated with sunburn and cancer, UVA rays penetrate your skin more deeply, are linked to ageing (photo-ageing), and can cause your skin to turn brown-ish. And it offers you protection from man-made sources of blue light as well—in other words, protection from light emitted from your screens. Because, yes, they can have long-term effects like premature ageing on the skin. 

POPxo Glow Goals Illuminating Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ 30g

There’s no way a spray can make your skin feel greasy—this vehicle of sun-proofing is convenient, and isn’t just limited to the skin. It can protect the hair from sun-induced damage as well. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Cucumber-based extracts, its expertise lies in its ability to cool and soothe the skin while delivering on its primary proposition—the best non-greasy sunscreen in the form of a spray RN.

POPxo H2O Booster Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 PA+++ 30g

If you’re on the lookout for something cooling as well as lightweight, narrowing it down to a gel-like formula is a no-brainer. The POPxo H2O Booster Sunscreen Gel is a water-based sunscreen that delivers instant pumps of hydration to your skin—owing to its composition of the ever-moisturising Hyaluronic Acid—and it blends into your skin seamlessly without leaving behind any greasiness on the surface. It has a strength of SPF 30 as well as a rating of PA+++.


POPxo Sun Glaze Ultra-light Body Oil SPF 30 PA +++ 50ml

Oils have earned quite the reputation of making our skin feel greasy. The POPxo Sun Glaze Ultra-Light Body Oil is an exception This spray-on sunscreen oil is like a nourishes your skin, and offers broad-spectrum protection to your skin (SPF 30!). It literally seeps into your skin seamlessly without leaving a trace behind except for resplendent, sun-kissed skin.

POPxo Sun Soother After Sun Lotion 30g

Apart from sun-protecting your skin during the day, you must put together some sort of a post-care regimen to heal and treat your body—and this is your answer. This after-sun skin-loving lotion contains ceramides and Vitamin E to deeply nourish, calm, and moisturise your skin and repair its barrier so as to prevent and heal any sun-induced damage. The formula is non-greasy and cooling, and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that your skin will love.

MyGlamm Superfoods Kiwi And Coconut Sunscreen

F-30 PA+++ protection, the MyGlamm Superfoods Kiwi And Coconut Sunscreen doesn’t just protect you from UVA rays and UVB rays. It’s enriched with Kiwi to boost the production of collagen in the skin; Chlorine to restore the elasticity of the skin; Coconut to hydrate and moisturise; and Vitamin E to soothe and calm. 

MyGlamm Superfoods Cacao And Berries Day Cream With SPF

A superfoods-charged day cream infused with SPF? We’ve got you. This MyGlamm day cream doesn’t just fight signs of ageing or prevent loss of moisture from the skin. It sun-proofs your skin with the help of chemical-based and mineral-based filters. Enriched with Cacao powder, Strawberry, Mulberry and Black Currant, it wards off free radicals and boosts the production of collagen in the skin to prevent premature ageing. And it contains ingredients like sunflower seed oil to reduce bacterial growth; allantoin to repair and heal the skin; and hyaluronic acid to reinstate the radiance of your face. You can layer it onto your skin after cleansing.


VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream

The creamy texture of this sunblock makes it blend easily onto your skin, and the matte finish leaves the complexion looking even-toned. The ayurvedic essential extracts in this formula make it a winner. It’s not too expensive and fabulous for the skin.

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel

This light, nutrient-rich sunscreen gel protects your skin from tanning and ageing. The hydrating composition leaves the skin looking fresh and supple. Get this one already!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF50

A non-oily sunblock that provides the skin with a fresh, clean finish, this one by Lotus contains natural ingredients like horse chestnuts, comfrey and vanilla. Use this one if you have normal to oily skin and you’re good to go.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF50

This sunscreen cream provides your face with protection from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It gets absorbed into the skin almost instantly and shields it from sunburn, skin darkening and age spots. Grab this one now!


Kaya Sun Defense Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that needs to be protected against sunburn, age spots and wrinkling, the Kaya Sun Defense Sunscreen should be your go-to product. It has a perfume-free, lightweight composition that spreads easily and has a lovely matte finish.  

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF50

This Korean beauty product is one you’ll soon be swearing by. It contains sunflower extracts and is waterproof too. Leave your skin safe and moisturized once you get your hands on this sunscreen stick.  

Re’equil Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA++++

What sets apart the Re’equil Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA++++ from the rest? Apart from boasting a strength of SPF 50, it has a PA++++ rating—which means that it provides the highest level of protection against UVA rays. It lends a mattifying, velvety finish to the skin, and is non-comedogenic in nature. It contains physical sunscreen filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; and it is infused with botanical extract Physalis Angulata (clinically proven to neutralize the harmful effects of infrared rays along with preventing thermal ageing.)

Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid – SPF 50

This sustainably-packaged sunscreen is infused with chemical as well as physical filters. A gel-based formula, it’s soft, dry, and water-resistant, and perfect for traveling because of how portable it is. You can count on this one to seep into your skin without leaving behind any kind of stickiness on the surface. 


The Derma Co. Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel

The Derma Co. Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel is an oil-free, non-comedogenic formula that will not clog your pores. This SPF 60 sunscreen is dermatologically-tested, and has a rating of PA+++. It’s lightweight, and it will not leave behind the sticky, white residue on the surface of the skin we’re all too familiar with. This is one of the best non-greasy sunscreens for oily skin.  

Happy shopping, ladies!

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29 Mar 2017

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