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Must-Have Minis: 20 Cult Products You Can Try In Their Bite-Sized Form

Must-Have Minis: 20 Cult Products You Can Try In Their Bite-Sized Form




Beauty minis: The good, the bad, and the ‘are they really necessary?’

Beauty is an expensive affair, all about trial-and-error. If you’re a fellow junkie, you already have a ton of stuff on your shelves. You don’t necessarily need that new cult-favourite product, but you want to buy into the hype anyway. There’s always going to be a new lipstick or a new serum promising to be life-changing. Do you look the other way? If you’ve got immense self-control and no interest in beauty, perhaps. But if you’re bitten by the beauty bug, how do you quench this thirst? 

Enter minis… 

  • They minimize wastage
  • They allow you to sample without investing too much
  • They put an end to your curiosity 
  • Sometimes all you really need is a mini
  • They’re travel-friendly

Let’s be real, there’s no guarantee that any product (no matter how much of a crowd-pleaser) will work for you. We are all unique and our skin responds differently. And that’s why you may want to mini-size your beauty cabinet.

Editor-Approved Minis Worth Trying


Looking to buy into this mini-revolution? Try these.

Still Debating Whether You Should Mini-mise?

1. Consider expiry dates 

Say you’re debating adding a new serum or facial oil to your skincare routine, but you already own a few. Realistically, are you going to finish ALL of those products in 12-24 months? Yes, 1-2 years after opening is usually the expiry listed on your skincare products. Probably lesser if they are made with natural ingredients. 

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2. Fun-sized, fun-priced

That new lipstick or serum might be very expensive. Even if it is an affordable product, you probably don’t need it. A mini (while not necessarily value for money) is a great way to make sure you have a chance to sample the product without putting all your funds in it. Unfortunately, minis are often expensive for the quantity of product they offer (5-50ml, depending on what you’re purchasing) but if you know you probably won’t finish the full size anyway, they offer you the opportunity to test something before you buy into the hype.

3. No more dilemmas

Your mind says no but your heart says add to cart? This is a dilemma we often have to come to terms with. I’ve learnt to sleep over these impulses and if I still feel the itch, I try to look for a mini instead.

4. You know you won’t end up using the full-sized product

Are you really going to finish 20 full-sized lipsticks? This holds true for a LOT of beauty products like facial oils, highlighters, lip balms, lipsticks, mascaras, serums. Some of them you use once or twice a week, others in small amounts and the rest expire relatively quickly. 

5. Clutter cutters

Apart from being insanely cute to look at, minis are also easy to use if you’re on-the-go. They fit into virtually any bag, no matter how small it may be, and they’re easy to travel with. They won’t weigh down your purse or your pouch. 

And did I mention they make great gifts too? 

Featured Image: Unsplash

13 Jun 2020

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