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10 Makeup Hacks That Are *Perfect* For Indian Skin Tones!

10 Makeup Hacks That Are *Perfect* For Indian Skin Tones!

Have you ever wondered how the rules of makeup are different for Indian girls? Thanks to our unique skin tone, many products tend to stand out starkly against it. If you’ve been looking for some guidance, we have some tips and tricks for Indian girls that, we promise, will revolutionize your pre-party routine. Try out these makeup hacks & tips to embrace your desi look!

1. Use a nude eyeliner to open up your eyes

This handy tip is for every girl who wants her eyes to look bigger. While pale-skinned beauty bloggers swear by a swipe of a white eye pencil on the waterline, to make their eyes ‘pop’, white can often look too stark on the Indian skin tone. Instead, use a nude eyeliner on your waterline for the fresh-faced, doe-eyed look!

2. Neutralize your lips

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If you feel like the lip colour often looks different on the packaging than it does on your lips, maybe you just need to neutralize. A simple dab of concealer on your pout before applying the lipstick will do the trick. If you want, you can even invest in a good lip neutralizer for this.

3. Use a pale gold eyeshadow as a highlighter

Here’s another use for that colour palette you splurged on. A pale gold shade can be used as a highlighter to give you the perfect sun-kissed glow. Simply dust some on the high points of your face – your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the bridge of your nose – and you’re good to go!

4. Rock kohl-rimmed eyes

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Nothing screams desi chic like beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes. Whether it’s a day in college or dressing up for a family function, finish your makeup with some black kohl – it’s a look that’s quintessentially Indian and extremely beautiful!

5. Conceal under eye circles with a red lipstick

You don’t need to invest in expensive contour palettes if you want to hide your dark circles. Dabbing red lipstick on the under eye area, before blending in the concealer, is a great makeup hack you can use instead. It neutralizes the darkness and brightens up your skin instantly!

6. Blend to create the perfect nude lipstick

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Very often, the nude lipsticks available in the market tend to look washed out on Indian skin tones. If you want a good nude lip shade, try blending in two shades. A hint of pink under a nude beige colour can help you achieve the perfect ‘no makeup’ pout!

7. Use a cheek stain

Powder blushes very often disappear on Indian skin. For a more natural looking flush, opt for a cheek stain. Not only is it long-lasting and pretty, you can even use the product to pretty up your pout. The perfect win-win situation, right?

8. Never forget your sunscreen

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The Indian climate is unforgivable to those who step out without proper protection. To avoid exposure to harmful UV rays, always use a good sunscreen before stepping out. A matte sunscreen, blended with a BB cream, ensures even coverage and protection.

9. Even out the unwanted spots

The area around your lips, if it’s darker than the rest of your face, can be easily brightened up with a salmony-orange corrector. Dab some on the pigmented area, blend in well with your foundation and you’re good to go!

10. Coconut oil makes for an excellent makeup remover

10 makeup tips

You don’t need to invest in expensive removers – a dollop of pure coconut oil works like a charm when you’re trying to remove stubborn makeup. Use it to believe it. It’s available in every Indian household and worth its weight in gold!

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15 Dec 2016

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