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15 AMAZING Products For The Perfect ‘No Makeup’ Look!

15 AMAZING Products For The Perfect ‘No Makeup’ Look!

We all have those moods when we want to go all out with our makeup – we’re talking smokey eyes, bold lips, curled lashes, et al. Then, there are times when we want to apply some moisturiser and sunblock and step out for the day, because we couldn’t care less. This article is about the third type of mood – when we want to do our make-up and look as flawless as possible, but without it looking like we’re wearing make-up! You know, that natural, effortless look? Yes, ladies, we’re talking about the ever-so-popular no makeup look. Here’s a list of beauty buys to help you ace that no makeup look and charm everyone! Oh and this is also the right order to use them, to help nail the look. Go on and startle the world with your natural make-up.

1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

1 no makeup look

This satiny touch, oil-free primer makes for a perfect pre-makeup product for any look be it the conventional make-up or the no make-up look. It visibly reduces fine lines and open pores as well as leaves the skin smooth and supple. With this one well absorbed in your skin, you’re all set to apply your foundation next. Prep for your no make-up look with this fab product, ladies.

Price: Rs 825. Buy it here.

2. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

2 no makeup look

With 4 fabulous shades of this foundation to choose from, this has got to be your go-to make-up product for natural make-up. It provides medium coverage (which also means it isn’t too heavy), blends easily and gives the face a subtle nude glow. It’s perfect for the times you want to look fresh and not made up. Get your hands on this one already!

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

3. MAC Strobe Cream

3 no makeup look

This is such a lifesaver, ladies. It is the ultimate quick-fix for skin that appears dull and tired, thanks to its mega dose of vitamins and green tea. It enhances the look of light on the skin making it radiant and natural at the same time, while also moisturizing your skin. Mix it into your foundation to give your complexion a luminous effect or apply it on top. We also love using it on days we want to sport natural make-up to perk up our skin. Toss one of these in your kit, we say, it’s worth every penny!

Price: Rs 2,700. Buy it here.

4. Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer

4 no makeup look

Dab on some of this concealer on any acne marks, dark circles and any other blemishes for an even-toned finish. Its creamy texture makes it blend easily for a flawless look that doesn’t look made up. So, what are you waiting for ladies?

Price: Rs 325. Buy it here.

5. NYX Wonder Stick

5 no makeup look

We’ve all heard of how awesome contouring and highlighting is. This stick is your easy solution to acing this makeup trick that defines and accentuates your facial features and how! Use this after applying your foundation to give your face a stunning no makeup look.

Price: Rs 835. Buy it here.

6. Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder

6 no makeup look

Whether you go for heavy or light, bold or subtle makeup – this is one product that’s got to find a spot in your makeup kit. This powder that comes in 4 shades, sets the make-up beautifully and gives a natural, even-toned finish to the face. You will be glad you spent your monies on this, ladies, we promise.

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

7. Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream

7 no makeup look

A BB cream is a great alternative to heavy foundations when you’re aiming for a light, natural no make-up look. This one is enriched with the goodness of jojoba, Vitamin E and shea butter to hydrate the skin to the fullest and is the perfect product if you don’t have the time to use a primer, foundation and powder. This works like magic and gives you flawless, glowing skin. 

Price: Rs 895. Buy it here.

8. Freedom Pro Highlight

8 no makeup look

The soft and silky texture of this pressed highlighting powder is why you should grab this product if you want to make your no makeup look a winner. A few strokes if it on the nose, cheekbones and brow bones with give a luminosity to the skin, making it look fresh and dewy. 

Price: Rs 750. Buy it here.

9. L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush – True Rose

9 no makeup look

That slight hint of blush on the face will make this look oh-so-gorgeous. This product, in particular, will give a natural flushed look to the cheeks and it won’t strip your skin of its moisture either. A little bit of this on your forehead and chin too will have you all set to rock the no make-up look. 

Price: Rs 825. Buy it here.

10. Maybelline New York – The Blushed Nudes Palette

10 no makeup look

As the name suggests – this eyeshadow palette is perfect for those opting for the nude, natural no makeup look. Apply lightly, any subtle shade from this palette to give your eyes a slight sheen and colour as well as open them up for a polished touch that goes well with the no makeup effect.

Price: Rs 809. Buy it here.

11. Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara – Black

11 no makeup look

Mascara is almost every girl’s favourite product. Apply some very lightly on your lashes at the roots only, to accentuate them. Any excess product build-up on the lashes might spoil the look for you, so get this one right, we say.

Price: Rs 315. Buy it here.

12. Cameleon Single Apply Eyebrow Pencil With Brush

12 no makeup look

Defined eyebrows can lift the face right up, ladies. It gives definition to your entire face, and that’s something you’d want with your no makeup look. This double shaded one is a good buy – you can match any of the two with the colour of your brows and start filling them in! 

Price: Rs 195. Buy it here.

13. Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick – Peach Personality

13 no makeup look

A matte peach shade on the lip is the ideal way to add that gorgeous tint on the lips. It isn’t bold, and adds just the right amount of colour, apt for a natural make-up look. Go for this lippie, ladies. 

Price: Rs 293. Buy it here.

14. Faces Ultime Pro Creme Lip Crayon – Rose Quartz

14 no makeup look

If peach is not your colour, then take our suggestion and go for soft pink lips. This light pink shade from Faces is the perfect one to go with your no makeup look. It also adds oodles of moisture to the lips which is something we all want, don’t we?

Price: Rs 749. Buy it here.

15. Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lip Color – Nude Glow

15 no makeup look

If it is an out-and-out natural makeup look that you’re looking to go for, this shade by Lotus Herbals is just the lippie you need in your kit. The hint of a sheen in this one adds the right kind of glow on the lips too. Ready to pout with this one on? 

Price: Rs 285. Buy it here.

Ladies, with these products in your kit, you’re all set to dazzle all with your no makeup look!

20 Feb 2017

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