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LED Face Masks Are Huge In The Beautyverse RN & We’re Listing The Top Ones

LED Face Masks Are Huge In The Beautyverse RN & We’re Listing The Top Ones

For the past few years jade rollers, facial sculpting tools and ice globes have been on everyone’s wishlist. However, the recent game-changer in the skin-caring landscape is the LED mask. The days of needing to administer these treatments at dermatologists’ clinics are gone and at-home pampering is all the rage.

Need proof? Take a scroll down the Instagram feeds of Kim K, Victoria Beckham, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Chrissy Teigen, who all swear by LED masks. Yes, these cost a pretty penny but they also deliver results. So, if you use ’em regularly for at least four weeks, the benefits are vast including treating hyperpigmentation, boosting collagen production, improving texture, and tightening the skin. Wanna invest in your skin? Buying these LED face masks is the way to go.

6 LED Face Masks That You Can Invest In For Healthy Skin

Get Back That Baby-Soft Skin

If your skin is in need of some long-overdue TLC, give it a token of love and care with this super effective face mask. It’s like giving the skin a fancy facial by exposing your skin to different wavelengths of light. LED lights help in boosting skin health, promoting collagen, and preventing fine lines. Want to light up her skin? Add this LED device to your cart rn.

It’s Just Magical!

Remarkably crafted, Protouch 3 in 1 light therapy mask is one of the most advanced on the market. It’ll give you a salon-level facial experience without breaking your bank account. Just wear it on your face for a few minutes and let the blue, orange, and red light therapy work its magic to help reveal healthier, glowing, and radiant skin!


To Get Compliments On Your Complexion

The hard truth of the matter is that, as a general rule of thumb, high-quality LED facial devices are going to be pricey. After all, these are inspired by in-office treatment. So yes, to a certain extent you do get what you pay for! With a variety of 7 light treatments, this 7 colour photon LED mask works miraculously to give you plumper, smoother and brighter skin. You can use it daily, for sure, and then add on extra sessions before a big night out. 

It Actually Lives Up To The Hype

Whether you’ve experienced the incredibly effective muscle toning and lifting results of a non-invasive facial yourself (or looked enviously at before and after photos), this tool is your chance to use the technology at home. Covered in red, blue, and orange light, the LED mask works miraculously to impart glow, define your facial contours and tackle fine lines. 

For Dewy, Mirror-Like Skin

We’re fans of hands-free masks, and this one’s super easy to use. Advanced with 60 blue lights and 100 red lights, this LED facial device simultaneously works to stimulate the natural production of collagen while destroying acne-causing bacteria. The cordless technology and three treatment options make it the perfect at-home LED mask to navigate between relaxation and meeting.

For A Super Potent Glow

This affordable LED mask does a banging job. It comfortable wraps around the face and treats skin in just 10 mins. If you are here for the glow, this is the high-tech beauty gadget to call on. It’ll leave you with a better complexion after a month’s usage. Plus, it does a really good job of fighting fine lines and wrinkles.


Healthy skin, is in!

Featured Image: Instagram

02 Mar 2022

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