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10 Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend (Just In Case You Forgot The Birthday!)

10 Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend (Just In Case You Forgot The Birthday!)

This story was updated in February 2019.


Our best friends are the absolute best and sometimes, truth be told, we don’t deserve their undivided attention and affection. For example, when we forget their birthdays or a special anniversary which we ought to have remembered and prepared for well in advance. Let these last minute birthday gift ideas for best friend be your saving grace in making your friend feel really great on her special day!

Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Just in case you forget your best friends birthday, then don’t worry as we are here to help you with some amazing last minute gift ideas for her.

1. Put together a basket…

…Comprising of all her favourite foods – from mints to skittles, M&Ms and chocolate bars to her favourite exotic jam, Nutella and all that you can think of that she loves binging on. Put a pretty bow on it and voila!

2. Frame thy love

That downright adorable selfie of you two that you can’t get enough of…. print and frame it in an awesome silver or gilded frame. Forever yours we say!

3. Huggable

There are studios that do it in a jiffy. Just transfer your best picture together on a cushion cover. Something that she can hug tightly when she is happy or could be her shoulder to cry on when you are not around.

3 gift ideas for your bestie - girl hugging pillow

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4. Let it grow

Gift your best friend an indoor plant that will brighten up her room. Gifting it can be symbolized as the growth of your friend, as the plant grows day by day, your friendship will also grow stronger day by day. While putting the plant in her room, you can even add a note that says – thanks for helping me grow, now let our friendship grow stronger just like this plant.

5. Love in a jar

In a cute mason jar, throw in some lip balms, hand creams and other handy lotions of her choice. You can even add little knick-knacks that she’ll like and some of her favourite makeup products if she is a fashionista who loves getting ready every now and then.

6. So charming

If you want to make your best friend go “aww” then you can surely customize a bracelet for her with cute little charms that would only describe her in the best way possible! Trust me! Every girl loves getting personalized gifts, so without giving a second thought, go ahead!

6 gift ideas for your bestie - emma stone aww

7. Read on…

Gift her a book that she was thinking of purchasing or you have read and found really interesting and meaningful. This is one of the best last-minute gift ideas for her because a book (or few) is a girl’s best friend.

8. Scrub it on

Make her a homemade scrub (especially for her skin type), put it in a jar and add a note – ‘because you scrub away my worries’.

9. Deck it up

A favourite tee, dress or a bag of yours that she likes a lot. Decorate it with beads, pompoms or tassels and give it to her. Add a note saying – it’s yours now babe!

9 gift ideas for your bestie - girl shopping bags

10. Bake a cake for her

Cakes and birthdays have different sort of connection and as a birthday cannot go without cutting a cake, so go and bake a yummilicious cake for her. Baking it yourself will add that personalized touch to your gift that she will definitely love.

So, these were the 10 last-minute birthday gift ideas for a best friend that you can surely pick to make her feel special.

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