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15 *Gorgeous* Kaleera Styles That Had Us At Hello!

15 *Gorgeous* Kaleera Styles That Had Us At Hello!

Gone are the days when all brides wore plain golden kaleeras. Brides these days are going for all sorts of varieties and unique designs when it comes to these pretty adornments. They are going for tasseled kaleeras, ones with pom-poms and even floral kaleeras.

The Punjabi ritual that denotes good luck and blessings to the bride-to-be, has beautifully evolved into a trend of its own. Although they are a part of the Punjabi bride’s trousseau, women from all cultures are now opting to accessorize their bridal look with these gorgeous trinkets that are mostly worn along with a chooda. If you too are a soon-to-be bride and want to give a heady uplift to your traditional kaleera designs, then you must check them out on these 15 brides for some solid inspiration.

1. Sometimes all you need to glam up a simple look is to wear some chunky jewellery and little funk. If you are looking for a statement accessory to glam up your bridal avatar, then let it be in the form of these beautiful golden kaleeras. This bride wore a baby pink lehenga on her D-day and chose huge gold-toned kaleeras to amp up her bridal look!

2. What is life without a splash of colours, right? This funky bride opted for gorgeous kaleeras adorned with little pom-poms in red. She also donned some golden ones which were embellished with zircon stones. They look stunning!

Get similar kaleeras adorned with red pom-poms for Rs 1,799 on Amazon.

3. Now, now! We know that new and unique things are always more alluring, but classics have their own charm. This bubbly bride chose to adorn her hands with a whole bunch of golden kaleeras on her big day and we couldn’t have loved them more!

4. Flowers always have and  always will be the best accessories for a bride. Nothing beats the beauty that they infuse to their bridal look. Ex-Miss India Natasha Arora opted to wear these gorgeous floral kaleeras on her big day and took her bridal fashion game to another level instantly.

5. This season brides are opting for pastel shades for their wedding outfit and we must say, they look so gorgeous. This tasteful bride picked a baby pink and icy blue lehenga for her big day and adorned her hands with gold-toned three-tiered kaleeras embellished with zircons. Excellent choice, girl!

6. A bride usually has to struggle with her heavy outfits and jewellery. In such a situation, adding really elaborate kaleeras to her look (which obviously look pretty but are a pain at times) makes no sense. These super stunning yet compact slip-on kaleeras are a great option then. You can wear them like bangles and they won’t even create a nuisance.


A post shared by Minerali Store (@minerali_store) on Oct 20, 2016 at 9:22pm PDT

You can get a more elaborate version of these kaleeras by Raabta from Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop for Rs 35,500. Gorgeousness does comes at a price, guys!

7. The Rani Pink brand includes all things pretty and everything tassels. Keeping that in mind, they came up with these oh-so-gorgeous tassel kaleeras and my oh my! Do they look amazing or what! This chirpy and funky bride picked just the right accessory for herself that totally reflects her personality.


A post shared by Rani Pink (@ranipinklove) on Oct 7, 2016 at 9:58pm PDT

8. If you are someone who loves everything grand, then tiered kaleeras should be your pick. And when you add string of tiny pearls to them, they look all the more stunning. But keep in mind to not go OTT with these kind of kaleeras.

You can get similar three-tiered kaleeras on Amazon for Rs 1,400.

9. Okay, we’ve already seen slip-on kaleeras. Now, let’s go a step ahead and look at slip on kaleeras with tiny pearls and leaf-shaped metal danglers. They are perfect for the no-nonsense bride, who wants something unique but elegant at the same time.


A post shared by Rahul (@raabtabyrahul) on Aug 22, 2017 at 9:28am PDT

10. Now this is what we call minimal style. This pretty bride not only went for really tiny kaleeras, but she matched them with her outfit and oh my God, they looked gorgeous. Paired with her elaborate floral jewellery, this bride looked like a Goddess.


A post shared by Fine Art Photography (@ivyweddings) on Sep 26, 2017 at 7:34pm PDT

11. Matching kaleeras, anybody? If you are someone who just loves matching her jewellery and other accessories with her outfit, then you should do that with your kaleeras too. This bride added orange coloured pom-poms to her kaleeras and took her style game to another level.

12. Yes, we know most people are not huge fans of heavily embellished kaleeras. So it’s a great idea to just add a hint of colour to your kaleeras just like this bride did. She added red beads to her elegant and delicate kaleeras and we love them!

Loved her kaleeras? We found similar ones on Amazon, yay! They are available for Rs 1,950.

13. Now, we all have to agree that these are the cutest kaleeras we have ever come across. These are perfect for brides who just want to add kaleeras to their bridal look as an accessory. Those little dome-shaped hangings with strings of tiny pearls are making our heart melt.


A post shared by Minerali Store (@minerali_store) on Jan 24, 2017 at 9:32pm PST

14. Take your kaleera game to the next level with these super adorable 5-tiered kaleeras. This bride adorned them with her heavy bridal lehenga and we are impressed with the balance she maintained. Again, the key is to not go over the top with such kaleeras.

14 kaleera designs blue lehenga

15. We have seen a lot of tiered kaleera designs, but these ones are just so awesome! Also, the little ghungroos these are adorned with make for a treat, both to the eyes and ears. Agreed?

15 kaleera designs pink lehenga

Love these two-tiered kaleeras? Buy similar slip-on ones on Snapdeal for Rs 3,999.

11 Oct 2017

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