9 Unique Jewellery Pieces That Will Make People Go ‘What Is That?’

Kriti AsthanaKriti Asthana  |  Jan 17, 2018
9 Unique Jewellery Pieces That Will Make People Go ‘What Is That?’

What good is a sentence without punctuation? Just a bunch of words strung together devoid of meaning, and what good is an OOTD without accessories? As Michael Kors eloquently puts it, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit!”

Think thigh chains, necklaces, bracelets, chokers and even gold-polished braces. We bring you the BEST, the most jaw-dropping jewellery accessories that will make people go ‘What! What is that?’, succeeded by the more ubiquitous ‘Where can I buy it?’  

1. A Thigh Chain?


The newest part of your body that is in for some accessorising – your thigh. Shorty shorts seem so boring by themselves now, don’t they? Perfect for beach holidays we say!   

Price: ₹ 320. Buy it here.

2. A Foot Harness


First came the anklet, but we’re living in the age of EXTRA, so the humble anklet has been succeeded by the *drumroll please* foot harness. Sure, it sounds weird, but look how pretty it looks. If you wanna go the extra mile, a rhinestone pedicure!

Price: ₹ 22,500. Buy it here.

3. Gold Braces?!


This one is for the bold and unafraid! A gold-plated smooth brace might be just the thing you need to burn that last bridge of trying to be a proper lady! Being called a metal-mouth just became cool.  

Price: ₹ 384. Buy it here.

4. A Chandelier For The Ears


If this earring came in a bigger size, and we mean colossally bigger, we’d happily use it as a chandelier in our living rooms. But for now, we’ll settle for this beauty hanging from our ears.

Price: ₹ 7,000. Buy it here.

5. Bracelets To Brace Yourself For


Stacked bracelets WHO? Plus, the sharp stones work as armour when you need it. Fight for the right kind of fashion!    

Price: ₹ 3,000. Buy it here.

6. Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone


For the uninitiated, that’s #FashionSpeak for accessorising 2 body parts with 1. A nose ring that links to your earrings, this is one statement piece that’s sure to raise expectations. 

Price: ₹ 200. Buy it here.

7. All The Neck Glory


You wanted a conversation starter accessory? You got one. Add a bralette underneath and you are ready to partay! 

Price: ₹ 3,900. Buy it here.

8. Slogan Choker


Can’t stand when people around you are being stupid? So much so that it gets tiring to tell them to just DON’T.BE.STUPID! Give your vocal cords a rest with this choker. Just point to it and spread the word.

Price: ₹ 1,400. Buy it here.

9. The Mother Of All Necklaces


When does a necklace cease to be an ordinary necklace and becomes a work of art, you ask? When it has stacked chokers, stones, AND stacked long chains, all executed beautifully. Basically, you need nothing else in your OOTD. Just be careful when storing it so it doesn’t become a jumbled #HotMess.

Price: ₹ 4,500. Buy it here.

Happy Shopping!