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11 *Gorgeous* Hairstyles For Hair That Is Just. TOO. Straight!

11 *Gorgeous* Hairstyles For Hair That Is Just. TOO. Straight!

While most of us crib if our hair is too curly or too straight or too wavy or too thin (well, the list is endless), there are super glam hairdos for each kind, ladies. And today, we explore the various ways to wear your hair stylishly if it’s JUST TOO STRAIGHT. Have a look at these 11 ways to style your straight hair and look every bit gorgeous! Who said straight hair always looks boring?!

1. Slicked back beauty

1 straight hair

Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

This one will barely take you any time and is sure to get you tons of compliments. All you have to do is make a neat side parting and use some hairspray and a dash of gel to keep it slicked on the side and stay in place. Look as sexy and glam as Deepika Padukone and impress all, ladies.

2. The half top knot

2 straight hair

Image: Ami Patel on Instagram

The top knot is quite the rage these days and gives an effortlessly chic vibe. It’s no wonder it’s cool-girl Alia Bhatt’s go-to style so often. Wear it just about anywhere and look cool as a cucumber!

3. Pony-bun, anyone?

3 straight hair

Image: Malaika Arora Khan on Instagram

This unique ponytail + a bun style is so cool and edgy! A great way to add bounce to your otherwise poker straight hair, we think. Comb your hair and form a bun at the nape of your neck. However, instead of pulling the entire length of your hair in the bun, leave a few inches from the ends outside of the bun for it to hang like a ponytail. Funky fashionista alert!

4. Twisted and neat

4 straight hair

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

With long straight hair, you can come up with the neatest and most dreamy buns. This one in particular, brings forth quite an old world charm and can be paired with both Indian and western wear. After parting your hair neatly, twist the length of it well and collect all of it behind your ear. Secure this with pins and use a spray to keep this neat look intact. Finish off with pretty danglers.

5. Style by your side

5 straight hair

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

An extremely easy and oh-so-glam hairstyle for straight hair – a low pony that’s neat and nice! Use some gel to get that extra shine and keep your cleanly parted hair in place. Then, secure your locks in a low ponytail on one side of your neck and that’s it! Simple and sexy, this.

6. Loose and flowy

6 straight hair

Image: Sophie Choudry on Instagram

Going the natural way has a beauty of its own, ladies. If you’re blessed with silky, straight hair, just leave it loose and let it flow. An effortless and gorgeous look – what more would one want?!

7. Pretty up with a pouf

7 straight hair

Image: Karisma Kapoor on Instagram

If your straight hair looks too limp, and a simple ponytail isn’t your thing, then here’s how to add some drama to your get-up. Separate the hair at the crown of your head and with the help of some back-combing or a bump-it, create a pouf on top of your head. How large you want that pouf to be is a call that’s completely yours to take. After that, just gather your hair in a ponytail and you’re ready for a fun night out!

8. Braided brilliance

8 straight hair

Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram

Remember, braids are never a bad idea! Form two braids starting on either side of your parting, and pin them up at the back of your head. As for the rest of your hair, just leave it as it is and you’re good to go!

9. Pick the sleek pony


Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

Minimal effort and maximum oomph – that’s the best part about this hairdo! All you have to do is part you hair at the centre and place it in a low ponytail. Secure that sleek look with some hairspray and there you have your red carpet look!

10. Short and chic

10 straight hair

Image: Prachi Desai on Instagram

Quit the hair accessories and over styling with a super chic, short crop. All you have to do is create a deep side parting and leave your hair neat and loose. Need we praise this look more – this picture of Prachi Desai speaks for itself!

11. Bun up, ladies

11 straight hair

Image: Esha Gupta on Instagram

Channel easy breezy glam with this super simple style. On a day when your hair is too straight and lifeless, collect it all high up on your head and bun that up. Let a few tendrils loose to look as pretty as Esha!

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01 Feb 2017

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