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#ChopChop: 8 Fab Haircuts For The Girl With A Heart-Shaped Face!

When it comes to skincare, finding your perfect match aka beauty routine, will help your skin thrive. Similarly, finding your ideal hairstyle can help you to accentuate your features. To do this, it is first important to identify your face shape. If you have a wide forehead, even wider cheeks that noticeably taper down to a slightly pointy chin, congratulations! You have a heart-shaped face. Figuring out which haircut will suit your face can be another challenge so we’ve put together a roundup of the best haircuts for heart-shaped faces.

Short Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Face


It’s no secret that there is something about summer that calls for serious hair transformations. Seriously, is it just us or do you also feel like you are ready to go in for a major chop? If you have a heart-shaped face, now is the time to show off your killer cheekbones! We’ve found a bunch of short haircuts for heart-shaped faces for you to copy.

Sleek hair with a pixie cut

Sleek hair with a pixie haircut for heart shaped face



Own this long pixie cut by wearing it sleek and clean. This short haircut for heart-shaped faces works wonderfully for heart-shaped faces because it accentuates the cheekbones while the deep side part covers up the forehead nicely. The only downside is that this hairdo may look super easy and low maintenance, but to keep your long bangs the perfect length, you may have to go in for trims every now and then. To get the look, use a fine-toothed comb to smoothen your hair on one side. Then take a few drops of a shine serum and run your fingers through your hair. Tuck behind your ear and secure with a bobby pin.

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Bangs with a bob

bangs and short bob haircut for heart shaped face



If you’re looking for a short haircut for heart-shaped faces that is slightly longer than a pixie cut, this bob should be your go-to! A side part paired with layered hair adds volume all over, which helps to balance out your chin and cheekbones. Plus, if you have a big forehead, this cut looks even better! Highly recommend this style for straight or wavy hair. 

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Curls galore

Short curly galore haircut for heart shaped face



If you think curly-haired girls with heart-shaped faces cannot work a short haircut, you’ve got another think coming! Notice how Sarah Hayland’s curls add volume to her crown? This is a great way to balance your features and keep the width of your heart face shape in check.



Medium Length Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Face

Medium length hair that ends right above your chest will perfectly balance out your defined jawline and cheekbones because it will make your face appear longer. With cheekbones like yours, you can always play them up and make them appear even more chiselled (sans makeup) by going for a deep side part. Here are some cool medium length haircuts for a heart-shaped face.

Layered ‘do

medium length layered haircut for heart shaped face


Adding a bunch of layers to your hair will help to soften your features. Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram page is a treasure trove of haircut and colour inspo and to be honest, we’re always taking a page from her beauty book. We love her side part and wavy, long layers that elongate her face and add fullness around the bottom half of her face. To get this medium length haircut for a heart-shaped face, simply curl your hair using your straightener. Pick up random pieces of your hair and curl them in opposite directions. Spritz some shine spray and you’re done.

Soft fringe with long layers

Soft fringe with long layered haircut for heart shaped face


A short, soft fringe will really emphasize your cheekbones and if you pair it with some face-framing, long layers, it will open up your face even more, especially if you decide to wear your hair up in a ponytail as Dakota Johnson has in the above picture. 

A choppy lob

long bob haircut for heart shaped face


A lob is a long bob that ends somewhere around your shoulders. It is a great option if you’re not ready to cut off a lot of your hair length and stick to a medium length haircut for a heart-shaped face. While you’re at it, go in for a layered haircut because that will highlight your cheekbones and frame your face, while the layers will soften the chin ever so slightly. It’s a win-win! 

Long Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Face

If you like to keep your hair one length, you can easily do that but just make sure your hair is parted in any other way other than a centre part. If the ends are asymmetrical, you can easily carry off your wider forehead and cheekbones without much hassle. Here are some long haircuts for a heart-shaped face.

Bouncy layers

bouncy layered haircut for heart shaped face


Work your natural hair texture with this bouncy layered look for heart-shaped faces. If you have fine hair, feel free to add more layers to your hair towards the bottom half of your face. However, ensure that none of your layers are chin-grazing as this will emphasise your pronounced jawline.

Evened-out hair

one-length haircut for heart shaped face


You already know deep side parts are your best friends, especially if you have a wider forehead. This is an ideal haircut for heart-shaped faces because it slims down the face and draws all the attention to the lower half of your face. To get this long haircut for a heart-shaped face, part your hair roughly to one side. Using the end of a fishtail comb, make a clean parting. Using a straightener, go over your roots so they’re smooth and flat. Then use a finishing cream to smoothen any and all flyaways. Secure the part with clips and spritz some hairspray. 


How should I part my hair if I have a heart-shaped face?

If you have a wider forehead, a deep part on either side should do the trick to make your face look slimmer. If you have a small forehead, a center part will do.

What hair length is perfect for my heart-shaped face?

Short and medium length hair looks the best on heart shaped faces because these draw attention away from the chin. If you want to accentuate your cheekbones, feel free to pull your hair up from your face.

How should I style my hair if I have a heart-shaped face?

A heart-shaped face can carry off any and all hair textures. Feel free to play around with your hair as much as you like! Straighten, curl and crimp it.

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Loved these haircuts for curly hair? Which one are you going to copy? Tell us in the comments! 

Featured image: Pinterest

26 Feb 2021

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