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15 Pretty Hair Accessories For The Next Shaadi You Attend!

15 Pretty Hair Accessories For The Next Shaadi You Attend!

Accessories can add so much to your look at weddings, and the same goes for hair accessories too. Why just colour, cut and style your hair when you can take it up a notch with these brilliant accessories that promise to give you an edge above the others? Here are 15 amazing hair accessories that are going to make your hairdo look all the more stunning at the next wedding you attend.  


1. Hair donuts

 1 hair accessories

Digging the Kardashian high bun? Use these donuts to achieve it effortlessly. Different sizes assure you a dramatic flair that would look amazing. Try this at the next shaadi, won’t you?

Price: Rs 162. Buy it here.

2. Twist clips

2 hair accessories

Hate heat styling yet digging the out of bed waves? This accessory is the perfect answer for you. Just slide it through the length of your hair and twist it up into a high/ low bun and sleep with it on. Wake up to phenomenal waves that actually stay put while you dance away at sangeets. Spray some light-medium hold hairspray to maintain the waves.

Price: Rs 129. Buy it here.

3. Rhinestone head chain

3 hair accessories

Take your hairstyle to the next level and give it a very dressy and regal look with this rhinestone head chain that is essentially a maangtika taken up a notch. It looks brilliant with a centre parting!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

4. Comb hair clip

4 hair accessories

As useful as a comb and as simple as a hair clip, this metallic comb-clip embedded with pearls is the perfect accessory for those who dread using hair clips to hold accessories place. Using it is as easy as combing your hair and leaving your comb there. Works on hair left loose as well as a bun to make a stunning wedding guest!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

5. Peacock Jadai

5 hair accessories

If braids are your vibe, this is THE accessory for you! A jadai is an essential part of temple jewellery which is extensively used by bharatanatyam dancers and is bound to make heads turn. Each of these pieces are placed along the length of your braid. You can even use a single piece on your hair bun if you want to keep the look a little lowkey. Perfect to team up with your mysore silks or kanjeevaram sarees!

Price: Rs 369. Buy it here.

6. Crystal flower crown

6 hair accessories

Three words we love – crystal, flower and crown! A tiara fit for a princess, whether she is the bride or the bride’s BFF. It is all the awesomeness of a tiara with the ease of usage because it is essentially a comb. It sits flat on the head so it doesn’t look too OTT. Its floral pattern is keeping in touch with SS17 floral trends! All in all, it’s just perfect for any wedding function! We approve!

Price: Rs 530. Buy it here.

7. Floral hair clip

7 hair accessories

Is subtlety a keyword in your sense of style? Then this floral slip will certainly make the cut for you! A perfect addition to absolutely any hairstyle and any hair type – this simple clip screams chic! A floral pattern embellished with pearls, this piece is sure to complement almost all kinds of wedding outfits and is sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

Price: Rs 330. Buy it here.

8. Wavy hair extensions

8 hair accessories

Loving your short hair for the summer but want to sport a more traditional long wavy hairdo for a wedding? Fret not, with these extensions you can have any haircut you want and still manage to sport sexy waves whenever you feel like it. It is super easy to use too – just clip it on and you needn’t even bother styling it further!

Price: Rs 809. Buy it here.

9. Faux hair bun

9 hair accessories 1

Perfect for the lazy girl who loves a fancy hair bun! Don’t bother with heat styling your hair and using a plethora of pins to create an elaborate hair bun. Just use this awesome faux hair bun which will give you the look in a jiffy. What’s better is that it is washable and resistant to heat making it perfect for any occasion. It is an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to heat style their hair!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

10. Gold leaf clip

10 hair accessories

Gold leaf accessories look super chic and elegant without being to garish or OTT. It is a perfect accessory for any occasion from a wedding to a sangeet to a mehendi. It doesn’t take away from your look, and in fact, complements it beautifully. Place it on the side of your head or on your bun and be sure to get noticed for all the right reasons. For such an affordable price, you can actually invest in a bunch of these for yourself and your BFFs.

Price: Rs 359. Buy it here.

11. Straight hair extensions for the long braid

11 hair accessories

Attending a South Indian wedding? No South Indian wedding look is complete without a long braid to go with the exquisite kanjeevaram sarees. Just add these clip extensions to your original hair and braid away. Add jadai pins to draw more attention to your luscious braid and we promise you that your hairdo will have followers of its own. Just be sure to match the colour of your extensions to your real hair else it could look a tad bit tacky!

Price: Rs 465. Buy it here.

12. Hair bumpits

12 hair accessories

Hair poof gives you a lot of volume and is perfect for fine hair. It gives your hair the perfect lift and a super polished look. There are various sizes for you to choose from depending on your hair and the look you want.

Price: Rs 135. Buy it here.

13. Kundan passa

13 hair accessories

Very regal, very Nizami/ Nawabi – think Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani. This statement headpiece is no ordinary one. Leave your hair loose or tie it up and this piece will stand out nonetheless. The white stones on this piece make it look one of a kind!

Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

14. Olive branch hair chain

14 hair accessories 1

This can be worn as a headband or around a bun. As a headband it looks chic while keeping the hair in place. Worn around a bun, this works brilliantly to draw attention to the beautiful bun, whether high or low. Wear this to the next wedding and be ready to be showered with compliments.

Price: Rs 285. Buy it here.

15. Good old gold juda pin

15 hair accessories 1

This one is a classic and will complement all wedding outfits beautifully. It gives you an elegant and understated look. Wear it with a low bun for a traditional look or with a high bun to give it some extra oomph.

Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

Flaunt these and look stunning at weddings, ladies!

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01 Jun 2017

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