These Foot Exfoliators Will Ensure That Your Skin Is Soft & Well Looked After!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 14, 2021
Best Foot Peels For Incredibly Soft And Smooth Feet



While our facial skincare routine is quite lengthy and excessive, we often turn a blind eye to our feet. NGL they are not the first thing that come to our minds when shopping for new skincare products. However, they shouldn’t be completely neglected. After all, they do a lot and deserve some our time and love too.

So, if you wish to put a pep back in your step, we’re listing down the skin-softening formulas that will help you bid adieu to flakes and calluses.  

Add These Exfoliators To Your Cart & Bid Adieu To Flakey Feet



Trust us, these masks and peels are skin saviors that will soften and repair your skin to no end. 

The One That’s Wildly Popular


This one is legit the OG of all OGs, there ain’t any better-known foot peel than this one. The fruit-infused formula is rich in AHAs and BHAs which are excellent chemical exfoliators. It gently removes layers of dead skin cells so you can achieve baby soft feet in a jiffy. Keep it on for 1 to 1½ hours for some serious sloughing action.

The Beloved Classic

If your feet are in kinda bad shape, and you want to give it some serious attention without breaking your bank account, this is legit a steal for you. Infused with powerful ingredients such as lactic acid, aloe, and glycolic acid, it works wonders in removing flakes and calluses giving your baby soft feet. It takes 3-5 days for exfoliation of the skin to begin and around 8-10 days for dead skin to be removed.

For Baby-Soft Skin


Is there anything The Face Shop can’t do? This peel is a must-have if you’re looking to up your foot care regime. A blend of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid goes down to dissolve the dead skin cell. The best bits? It can be worn as socks and results can start to be seen in as little as 4 days.

For Heavy-Duty Peeling Action


This exfoliating foot mask miraculously eliminates dead, dry, and callused skin from feet to reveal clean, smooth, and soft feet. Along with a blend of AHAs, this peel is packed with a long list of skin-loving ingredients and all good things when feet are involved. It will give your feed some heavy-duty peeling action.

For Silky-Smooth Skin


To really score some major bang for your bucks, pick up this soothing foot scrub. This cult-loved formula will buff your feet beautifully with super refreshing and cooling peppermint essential oil foot scrub. With exfoliating volcanic rock granules, this foot scrub will slough away hard skin, revealing silky-smooth results.

For A Quick Pick-Me-Up


Want to get baby-soft feet without breaking your bank account? We’ve just the thing for you. Enters: This budget-friendly foot scrub is a dual-action cleanser and exfoliator to deep-clean and condition tired and dull-looking feet. Plus, the hydrating ingredients will also add back the much-need moisture to your feet.


Only happy feet days ahead!

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