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Glowing Skin All The Way: 6 Facialist-Approved Skincare Brands To Try

Glowing Skin All The Way: 6 Facialist-Approved Skincare Brands To Try

The next big thing to seeing a facialist IRL is the uber-cool skincare lines that they create for home use. While some of them deeply nourish the skin and lend a relaxing, ritualistic experience to your routine, others offer powerful, ingredient-laden formulas that get down to business addressing your skin concerns. These products offer some seriously amazing benefits and are one of the most strategic ways to harness plump, dewy, all-around youthful-looking skin. We say it’s time to press play on your “Chill Hits” Spotify playlist, light a few candles, and treat your skin with some holy-grail products at home.

Without further ado, we can’t wait to give proper due to the formulas that’ll give your skin that next-level luminosity. Below, take a look at the best facialist skincare products to get your glow on now!

Celeb-Level Glow Coming Right Up With These Facialist Skincare Products

Sculpted, Glowy Skin, Here We Come

Want skin like Jennifer Aniston’s? Jonna Czech is the facialist she sees, and Czechs’s new skincare line is a way to experience the perks of a facial with her in the comfort of your home. The kit is carefully curated with her skincare essentials and is designed to look after the skin in all climates. Plus, it comes in an airbelt-inspired, ultra chic bag. 

The One Loved By A-Listers

Sarah Chapman is the woman that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex sees when she is in the UK and Sarah’s A-list clientele doesn’t stop there. An IRL treatment with her results in an otherworldly glow. Her latest launch aka Platinum Pep8 Stem Cell Serum, packed with potent peptides to boost collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and combat environmental damage.

The One By Kim K’s Facialist

Dr Barbara Sturm knows a thing or two about great skin, and her skincare line offers a product for every skin type and concerns. Fans of her best-selling Glow Drops, which addresses dull complexion, will rejoice – she has launched a range of skin care products that get down to business by tackling skin woes and keeping the skin barrier strong.

The Glowing-Skin Capsule

A magical awakening after 30 days, backed by the best beauty secrets of Asian women. The formula contains two derivatives from vitamin C that work to deliver healthier and younger looking skin over a prolonged period of time. These shot ampoules noticeably illuminate complexion giving you that celeb-esque glow in just 30 days.

For The Glass Skin Of Your Dreams

In addition to her in-clinic appointments, Bianca Estells also has a cutting-edge skincare line, called Bea Skin Care. Case in point: The Kojin Acid Radiance bar is excellent for folks suffering from hyperpigmentation or acne marks. It works to gently slough off the dead skin cells by exfoliating the top layer of skin for unbeatable glow!

A Better Complexion Ahead

If you haven’t ever tried Eve Lom’s iconic cleaner, where have you been? The texture is delightfully thick and is packed with eucalyptus, clove, hops, and Egyptian chamomile plant oils. The formula deeply cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling radiant and plump afterwards. It’s a brilliant product to try if you’re looking for a pamper session.

The glow-up is real!
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27 Jan 2022

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