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8 Handy Face Mists That Will Become Your Summer Staple When You’re On The Go

8 Handy Face Mists That Will Become Your Summer Staple When You’re On The Go

Face mist: you either love them, or you brush them off as overpriced bottles of water. Whatever the case, we are here to tell you that face mists are a real gem. Today’s formulas are loaded with active ingredients, and, as such, are worth considering as a legit hydrating, illuminating, and refreshing step in your skincare routine. What else can get your skin plump and glowy in a matter of seconds – even when you’re wearing a full face of makeup? Bar an Instagram filter, absolutely nothing, that’s what. 

Face mists packed with soothing ingredients can offer an antidote to lacklustre complexions- and can easily be stored in the fridge for a post-workout blast of cool, or tossed into your bag for a midday pick-me-up. But don’t just take our word for it, try one of our personal picks below. Your dehydrated face will thank you!

8 Face Mists To Refresh Your Skin

Whether you need something to brighten a dull, dehydrated complexion or you simply can’t handle the heat any longer – these face mists have got your back!


A Magic Bottle!

Tell you serum she’s out now! This vitamin C-infused face mist is so good, that you can skip the serum. Use this to kill a multitude of skin woes with just one stone. The antioxidants in this formula work together to get lacklustre face beaming, on tap. It’s basically a magic bottle!

A Real Spa Day In A Bottle

If you’re looking for a face mist that hydrates and brightens dull complexion, this face mist is the way to glow. Inspired by the classic Ayurvedic formulation of Kumkumadi oil, the formula is pure genius. Saffron, aloe vera leaf juice, and liquorice help you get the glow while also leaving a revitalising sensation.

If You’re Ballin’ On A Budget

Rose is one of the MVPs of the skincare world and this face mist is loaded with it. The formula hydrates and evens out blemishes. It balances the skin’s pH, controls sebum production, and keeps it plump and dewy. 

For The Glass Skin Of Your Dreams

This floral mist is like a vacation in a bottle! It works as a toner to deal with dullness and uneven texture, reduce the appearance of pores, and combat dryness. In addition to several skincare benefits, this mist also leaves skin with a glass skin glow. Oh, it smells divine!

For A Cushion-Y, Dewy Glow

Get that dewy, glowy look with this rose-infused face mist. A blend of cherry water, raspberry essence, and British rose essence help soothe the skin and locks in moisture. You can use this daily instead of a toner. It’ll leave your skin with a glowy, healthy sheen.

A Green Juice For Your Face

A cult favourite, this is the only summer mist I constantly re-stock and swear by. Not only does it give me a natural hydrated glow, but also fixes makeup without fail, while also allowing the skin to look like skin.

A Liquid Dream

The IG-worthy face mist isn’t just a pretty thing to look at! This lightweight and lightly scented formula locks in the hydration in your skin, making it look fresh and plump all day long.

For Skin That’s Craving Moisture

If you are on the hunt for the mist elements of a sensitive-skin routine, opt for this. Spritz it after your cleanse, preferably post-shower before moving on to the next steps of your skincare regime.

BRB, it’s mist o’clock!

Feature Image: Pexels

06 Apr 2022

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