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14 Unique And Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Couple!

Your favourite couple is getting engaged, and you have been invited to celebrate their engagement. What do you gift them? Let’s be real, buying a gift can be tricky and difficult, especially when you’re buying for your favourite people, and want to make their day extra-special. Here’s the thing- everyone loves receiving presents, but finding the perfect gift is a task. Well, fret not. We’ve got you covered! Scroll down to find some unique, personalized and out-of-the-box engagement gift ideas.

From engagement gift ideas for couples to personalized engagement gifts for him and her- we have rounded up some of the best options for you to choose from!

Engagement Gifts For Couples

Engagement gifts for couples aren’t the most difficult to search for, especially since so many varied options for custom-made and personalized engagement gifts are available these days. If you are planning on buying one common gift for the couple, make sure it is something that interests both of them and can be something they both enjoy. Below are a few engagement gift ideas for couples that are sure to leave them thrilled!

Couple Watches

Watches will never go out of style, and couple watches make for amazing engagement gifts. We truly believe one can never have too many watches- the more, the merrier. The only downside is that watches can get a bit expensive, but if it is something you can afford, rest assured that this will surely leave the couple ecstatic!


His And Hers Matching Mug Set


This mug set for the couple is a budget-friendly option and one you can’t go wrong with! The beautiful yet minimal ceramic mugs imprinted with Him and Her on the sides will serve as a daily reminder of the love between the couple. Not only do they provide constant affirmations of the commitment between them, but these cups also add a functional value to the breakfast table.  

Couple Bands

Couple rings symbolize the eternal nature of a deep commitment between the couple. They come in matching sets as well as in designs that complement each other. Couple bands can carry a heavy price tag, however, you will find various options in a wide range of prices on the Internet. Pick whatever suits your budget!

Couple Hand Casting DIY Kit

The engagement period is often the most blissful time that a couple spends together. It’s the perfect time for them to try something new and fun, and in the process, strengthen their bond over a shared experience. While it may be an unconventional engagement gift idea, this couple hand casting DIY kit is perfect for a couple that enjoys art. It is sure to be a fun experience creating something together that they also get to display in their home. 

Book Shelf

If the bride and groom-to-be are bibliophiles, they will surely love having bookshelves as gifts! Wall-mounted bookshelves add to the décor of the house and come in various price ranges. You can also add in a few books while gifting them.  


Engagement Gifts For Her

It is pretty exciting to find out that your BFF is getting engaged, and will be a bride soon. This is the perfect opportunity to get her something that she has been eyeing for a long time, but never had a reason to buy. Below are some engagement gift ideas for her, check them out.

Beauty Box

Everyone loves indulging in self-care and pampering themselves, which is why beauty boxes make for excellent choices for engagement gifts. If your bestie is someone who enjoys beauty and wellness products, but doesn’t often splurge on them, you could surprise them by gifting this ‘Glamm Summer Days’ beauty box by MyGlamm. It consists of eye cream, kajal eyeliner, eyeshadow pencil, compact, primer, matte lipstick, and much more!

Gift Card

Is there anything better than being given free rein to pick up whatever you wish to from a wide range of products? Getting the bride-to-be a gift card from Myntra  (or their favourite apparel/makeup/book store) shows that you have put in some thought into the gift, while also giving them the choice to pick up what they wish to, or what they wanted to buy for a long time but couldn’t indulge in. It’s a thoughtful yet flexible option at the same time. Myntra gift cards range from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000.

Wedding Planner /Bridal Journal

Wedding planning can get really stressful, and one simply can’t keep up with the numerous things to plan and organize! Which is when wedding planners and journals come in handy. Gift the bride-to-be this lovely wedding planner/journal, which consists of a trousseau checklist, bachelorette party planning, wedding invite sheets, and many other details.


Engagement Gifts For Him

Buying a gift for a guy is hands down, one of the most difficult things ever. However, when it comes to engagement gift ideas for him, looking for the perfect gift may not be as tedious a task as you may think. From a mini-bar set, to grooming kits- check out some of the gift ideas below!

Grooming Kit

Men need to be prioritizing self-care too! This is why these grooming essentials by Beardo will be a great choice for an engagement gift for him. It includes a lip balm, under-eye gel, face wash, peel-off mask, body wash, and more, especially for men.

Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

For a man who loves an occasional drink, this cocktail shaker bar set will allow him to create his own cocktails and channel his inner bartender. This home mini bar set consists of a variety of bar accessories including cocktail shaker, strainer, ice tong, jigger, steel straws, shot glasses and much more. Added bonus: It comes with cocktail recipe cards!  

Accessory Set

Most guys rarely invest in things they use daily. A simple yet purposeful assortment of daily-use accessories like a wallet, belt, handkerchief, tie, and other items, is a simple, yet thoughtful gift you could give to the groom-to-be. This accessory set comes in a gift pack, and makes for a great choice for gifting.   


Personalized Engagement Gifts

Unlike generic gifts that you can directly buy on the Internet or at a store, personalized gifts make gift-giving a bit more interesting. It is always more fun to have things customized in accordance with the person’s needs, and it shows that you have put in more thought and effort into giving them this gift. Personalized engagement gifts are the best way to assure that your gift stands out, and remains unique.

Custom Skymap Plaque

Skymap plaques are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason! The fascinating skymap plaques require you to simply add the name, message, and the date and time of the couple’s engagement to generate a constellation map that showcases the exact way that the stars aligned on that day. It’s a great way to mark any special moment, and in our opinion, makes for the perfect personalized engagement gift! It is something they can treasure forever, and will be a prized possession. 

Personalized Couple Passport Covers

These personalized couple passport covers are a safe bet for the couple who is passionate about traveling. Not only do these look classy, but the inscribed name tags also ensure that their passport is easy to find, and does not get misplaced. This just might be the motivation the couple needs to start making plans and reservations for their next trip!  


This is another fun way to surprise your favourite couple, and it is well within the budget too! All you have to do is upload high-resolution images of the couple, along with the text you want to see on the wooden frame. This personalized engagement gift will surely make the couple’s day, and will be something fun to keep with them in their new home.



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Well, now that you have numerous engagement gift ideas for couples, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get your favourite couple a unique engagement gift that you know they will be thrilled to recieve! 


Featured Image: Gauhar Khan on Instagram


23 Jun 2021

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