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Falsies SO Good You’ll Forget How Much You Miss Lash Extensions

Falsies SO Good You’ll Forget How Much You Miss Lash Extensions

If you’ve ever found yourself drooling over a celeb makeup look and turn green with envy over their super long, sexy lashes, we can bet that they are secretly wearing falsies. False lashes are the fast-track ticket to take you from a natural look to a super glam moment with ease. 

However, none of us want false lashes made at the expense of our furry friends. That’s where cruelty-free lashes come in handy. Now, with so many brands and styles, it’s difficult to whittle down the top performers for different style aesthetics. There are more-is-more falsies, and there are barely detectable maybe-she’s-born-with-it strips. No matter the kind of #lewk you’re aiming to achieve, we’re listing down the best cruelty-free lashes that will fulfill your Bambi-eyed lash goals.

The Best Cruelty-Free Lashes From Natural And Flirty To Full And Dramatic

One Word: Drama

We’ll say this: Huda Beauty is the OG brand when it comes to pretty much everything. That said, it’ll always reign supreme on the false-lash front and while there are plenty of new brands we love, this brand’s signature hot-girl factor will be loved forever. The selection is glamorous and gives you a 3D effect for lots of oomph and depth. Plus, each pair can be worn up to 15 times so you can truly get your money’s worth. 

Meet Your New Lash Love

Too Faced might have exploded onto the beauty scene with the most Instagram-famous mascara ever. Seriously, it’s amazing and you might forget about falsies altogether after wearing it. But recently, the brand has extended its lash presence by debuting its own false eyelashes. The bands on these lashes are invisible and uber-flexible, which allows for an easy and seamless application!

Natural And Flirty

Remember red carpet events? Well, more often than not, all our fave celebs are wearing these real-looking lashes. They’re meant to subtly increase the fullness, volume, and length, and have an anti-stick band – which means that you can wear them again and again without the adhesive getting dingy or losing its stick altogether. 

Subtle Enough For Lash-A-Phobes

There’s a lot to love about Velour Lashes. This one makes a great starter kit as it comes with an applicator tool and glue all packed inside. There’s no trimming or measuring needed for the lashes themselves – crisscrossed, slightly flared, and made of synthetic silk. The ultimate effect is so damn believable and eye-catching.

Perf For Night-time Glam

Ultimate drama. These are the number one lashes when it comes to night-time glam and make for a super sultry smoky eye look. They have got a range of designs to choose from – including soft and fluttery to bold and voluminous. If you’re into that ‘60s look in a feathery, fluttery way, then this pair is your new lash love!

For Lash Fans!

The perfect balance between dramatic and subtle, the Renee lash range is irresistible if you’re a lash fan. With ultra-pretty designs, these will have you fluttering all night long. 

Flaunt the lashes of your dreams!
Featured Image: Instagram

06 May 2022

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