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6 Ingredients To Add To Your Skincare Routine To Stay Cool For The Summer

6 Ingredients To Add To Your Skincare Routine To Stay Cool For The Summer

As if it wasn’t enough that the soaring temperatures make us uncomfortable with sweat and dehydration, the summer heat can also lead to skin concerns that are literally the worst to deal with. Pimples get considerably larger and more painful this season, and skin is easily prone to signs of inflammation like redness, itchiness, swelling, and sensitivity as well. That’s why when the weather seems too hot to handle, soothing your skin with the right cooling ingredients is the best way forward. It should be your go-to approach to dodge those pesky breakouts and irritation this season as you also stand to gain major glow points while at it. Here are some of our favourite skincare heroes that you should look for on your desired product’s ingredient list before check out.

Skincare Ingredients That Will Cool Your Skin In Hot Weather

cooling skincare ingredients

Watermelon Wonderland

Watermelon infused skincare hits the sweet spot in a summer routine. Loaded with vitamin C, this fruit helps to gently exfoliate and bring out your skin’s natural radiance. It also has the most refreshing moisturising properties that will help in soothing acne and inflammation while working to reduce signs of ageing. A toning face mist with watermelon is our favourite way to reap this fruit’s natural benefits. So, don’t just sip on this fruit juice, incorporate in your skincare as well.

Cucumber Number

Not only will you crave cucumber in your diet, this veggie is exactly what your skin needs to beat the heat in the summer. The cooling properties of cucumber are like no other and it is also a rich source of vitamin C. Using formulas with cucumber will save acne prone skin from breakouts and it will also quickly treat sunburns and prevent them from occurring. Cucumber also helps tighten skin so as to improve the appearance of fine lines. We like cucumber enriched moisturisers that have a soothing matte effect on skin.

Minty Mania

How can we not add peppermint to this list! It is immensely cooling and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are highly favourable when dealing with acne especially on oily skin. This cooling ingredient keeps skin squeaky clean and minty fresh therefore inhibiting the formation of acne. Look for peppermint in cleansers as it is the best way to reap its benefits and invigorate your skin.

Aloe Cool Skin

If you haven’t tried aloe vera gel based moisturisers yet, you’re seriously missing out. They work by locking in hydration and shielding your skin from pollution and environmental damage. Not just that, aloe vera (even by itself) effectively soothes sunburn in no time and also heals acne and reduces itchiness. You just have to try it out!

Tea Tree Truce

Similar to the effects of peppermint, tea tree also delivers a minty sensation and is touted to be one of the best ingredients to fight breakouts. We love mixing a drop of tea tree essential oil with our moisturiser or foundation to keep our skin safe from unexpected breakouts. Serums, toners, and moisturisers enriched with this acne warrior will also help your skin stay clear and cool in the summer.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Oily skin will benefit the most with some lemony skincare action. Lemon helps regulate sebum production and also offers gentle exfoliation which is much needed in hot weather. Skincare infused with lemon is always lightweight and helps brighten skin and prevent sun damage as well. The high vitamin C content also effectively soothes and treats acne and makes dark spots fade away.

Turn to these skincare coolers for the summer because life’s too short to succumb to seasonal skincare woes, especially in hot weather!

Featured Images: Pexels

10 May 2022

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