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Frizzy Hair, Do Care: 15 Conditioners That Will Make Frizz A Thing Of The Past

Frizzy Hair, Do Care: 15 Conditioners That Will Make Frizz A Thing Of The Past

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives when we’ve stood in front of the mirror and the hair of the person looking back at us can be best described as a lion’s mane (and I’m being polite here). Frizzy hair can be super annoying and you know you would go to any lengths to make it more manageable. Remember the iconic scene in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Monica just kept screaming “It’s the humidity”? We defs don’t want that, do we? The trick is to condition your hair and today we’re listing down the best conditioners for frizzy hair so that this problem is a thing of the past.


Best Conditioners For Frizzy Hair


Frizz is basically the strands that jut out from the rest of your hair- it’s the smaller, dryer strands that just have a mind of their own. Frizz usually stands up or curls and adopts a different texture from the rest of your mane. Using any of these conditioners for frizzy, dry hair will help solve the problem.

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Toni&Guy Smooth Definition Conditioner For Dry Hair


You’ll have to try it to believe how amazing this conditioner for dry and frizzy hair is. It smoothes out your locks and you’ll notice a difference right from the first use. It’s thick and moisturising and you can even skip the step of a leave-in conditioner after using this.

Pros: Moisturising and nourishing for hair

Cons: Texture could feel thick

Ogx Kukui Oil Conditioner Hydrate Plus Defrizz


When it comes to moisturising, this is a great product to use. It acts as a deep conditioner for frizzy hair and will help it in looking smooth and in place. It keeps the humidity out of the strands and helps to fight frizz, leaving strands sleek.

Pros: Sulphate and paraben-free 

Cons: Non-biodegradable packaging

Hair Conditioner Dry & Damaged Hair Honey, Centella And Mandrin


For smoother and frizz-free hair this product is great. It’ll give you super soft and lustrous locks and restores the pH balance of the hair. It’s made with honey for nourishing the strands, cantella for strengthening, and mandrin which is rich in Vitamin E and B12. Trust us, once you use this conditioner for frizzy, dry hair, you won’t want to switch.

Pros: Paraben, sulphate, harmful chemical-free and has bio-degradable packaging

Hair Conditioner Amla, Honey & Mulethi


This is an Ayurvedic conditioner for dry and frizzy hair which is made with amla, honey, mulethi and sweet almond oil. You’ll get a super-smooth texture and lustrous hair after using it. It’s also free of sulphates so you can be stress-free.

Pros: Eco-friendly packaging

Cons: It’s expensive

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner


For people who have damaged hair because of chemical treatments and excessive heat styling, this deep conditioner for frizzy hair is superb. It basically restores the hair by pumping in antioxidant-rich argan oil, keratin and fatty acids. It restores elasticity and the bounce and shine in your hair.

Pros: Sulphates, phosphates, and paraben-free

Cons: It’s expensive

Percy & Reed Splendidly Silky Moisturising Conditioner


Okay, after reading the ingredients of this wonderful product you’ll understand why we love it. It’s got shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, Vitamin E and aloe vera gel. Now doesn’t that sound superb? It’s a great conditioner for frizzy dry hair which it smoothens out and makes it ultra-soft.

Pros: Deeply nourishing

Cons: Product finishes quickly

Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patcholi Hair Conditioner


This is another Ayurvedic conditioner for dry and frizzy hair made with great ingredients. It’s got almond, gooseberry, soy extracts that help the strands retain moisture. It’s even got soothing lavender oil that calms an irritated scalp. Frizz and flyaways are a thing of the past!

Pros: Rich milky consistency with a calming scent

Cons: Non-biodegradable packaging 

De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Conditioner


If you want salon-like silky smooth hair then this product is the ultimate. It replenishes the protein in the strands and gives them a bounce. It really coats the hair with wheat-amino acids that moisturise it. So when you’re thinking which is the best conditioner for frizzy hair, it’s this one!

Pros: Deep conditions the hair

Cons: It’s pricey

Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

Specifically formulated to combat environmental stressors, this is one of the best conditioners for frizzy hair in the market. It’s rich in antioxidants, argan oil and aloe vera that will nourish your hair and make you say goodbye to dry locks.

Pros: Cruelty-free, paraben, colourants, and gluten-free

Cons: Contains SLS and SLES

Aveda Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Conditioner


This is a deep conditioner for frizzy hair made with 96% naturally derived plant-based superfoods. It’s got pomegranate oil which nourishes the hair along with mango butter which makes the hair super soft and smooth. Ain’t it sounding wonderful?

Pros: Free of silicone, sulfate, paraben, gluten, mineral oil, and petrolatum

Cons: It’s expensive

TRESemme Keratin Smooth With Argan Oil Conditioner


TRESemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner is infused with keratin and argan oil to nourish the hair. When you’re looking for a drugstore conditioner for frizzy dry hair, this is a good bet. It makes the hair smoother and more manageable and easier to style as well.

Pros: It’s inexpensive

Cons: It has sulphates and could weigh down your hair

Banana Truly Nourishing Conditioner


This product by The Body Shop is a banana conditioner that leaves your hair soft and tangle-free. It contains real banana puree which deeply nourishes the hair and makes it feel really smooth.

Pros: Bottle is made with recycled plastic

Cons: Has a strong banana scent

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair with Liquid Keratin Serum Ultimate Repair Conditioner

People who face problems with excessively dry and damaged hair can check this product out. It’s a good conditioner for dry and frizzy hair and is affordable too. It strengthens the strands making them less brittle and breakage resistant.

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Made with parabens

BRIOGEO Farewell Frizz Smoothening Conditioner


One of the best conditioners for frizzy dry hair available in the market, this product restores and hydrates the locks thanks to its wonderful ingredients namely- rosehip oil, argan oil and coconut oil. The antioxidants will even help with hair ageing. 

Pros: Made with 98% natural ingredients, it’s paraben, silicone, and sulfate-free

Cons: It’s expensive

OUAI Repair Conditioner


If there’s anyone who knows hair, it’s Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist and owner of OUAI and it shows in her products. This one is superb because it hydrates and moisturises the hair without weighing it down and don’t we all want that?

Pros: Safe for coloured hair

Cons: It’s pricey


What are the causes of frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is caused when the hair is super dry and lacks moisture. This could be because of reasons like the water in your area isn’t suiting you, you’re using products with sulphates and alcohol in them or you’re washing your hair with super hot water. Even towel drying your locks and using too many heat styling appliances can be the reason for your frizz.

Why should I condition my frizzy hair?

Conditioning is extremely important when we’re dealing with frizzy hair. It gives the much-need moisture boost to your mane and envelops each cuticle with a protective layer. Hence, the frayed edges of the cuticle layer smoothen and settle down, making the hair untangled and frizz-free.

Why should we use a conditioner after shampoo?

Conditioner is basically a moisturising agent for the hair. While shampoo cleanses the strands and the scalp, a conditioner nourishes the hair. Just like you would apply cream to parched skin, applying conditioner to the hair replenishes it and hydrates it. Hence, after rinsing the shampoo, apply a conditioner on the strands. Avoid the scalp and leave it on for a couple of minutes. When we’re talking about deep conditioning hair products, you’ve got to leave them in for about five minutes before washing them off.

Say goodbye to frizz and yes to silky smooth hair!

Featured Image: Pexels

12 Nov 2020

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