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Ditch Liquids & Creams: 5 Compact Powder Foundations To Keep Your Base Sweat-Free All Summer

Ditch Liquids & Creams: 5 Compact Powder Foundations To Keep Your Base Sweat-Free All Summer

When the heat threatens to ruin your makeup, you realise that it’s probably time for a foundation upgrade. Sweat is the nemesis of a well-laid base and you can’t get through the summer without sweating. So, what’s the solution? Turn to powder formulas. Instead of layering on liquid or cream foundations that can melt away as you perspire, opt for a compact powder foundation to give you coverage and oil control so that you look fresh and fabulous for longer durations. Compact powders will help blur out your skin concerns and offer coverage that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. These powders will also be able to make your pore size appear reduced without clogging them or causing irritation. If you’re wondering which of the compact powders in the market really impress with their formulas, we’re here to let you in on the best. Check out this list of compact powders that are making our summer makeup routines a breeze.

The Best Compact Powders To Ace Your Base This Summer

Lit From Within

This isn’t your regular matte compact powder, it’s an illuminating one. Featuring a satin matte finish with buildable coverage, the Illuminating Matte Pressed Powder gives you a natural glow and offers a comfortable wear without irritating the skin. It contains light esters that keep skin moisturised throughout wear time. The powder will cover up dark circles and uneven skin tone effectively.

Versatile Wow

This one’s a heavy-duty luxe compact powder that you absolutely need in your makeup kit. As the name suggests, this compact will stay in place throughout the day without budging and the best part is it has versatile buildable coverage too as it can be used both dry and wet. If you use the sponge side of the applicator pad, you can achieve full coverage effects, whereas if you use the velvety side of the applicator pad, you can attain medium coverage. Wet the applicator sponge and apply the powder with it if you want sheer coverage.

Herbal Glow

A compact powder infused with herbs – it doesn’t get better than this! Those of you who love skincare infused makeup are going to fall in love with this compact powder all over again. It contains SPF 15 and has a long lasting matte finish that feels comfortable on the skin. It contains licorice extract, rice starch, coconut, and sesame oil, making it a great choice for acne prone skin.

Pore Score

This is one of the best drugstore compact powders that has stood the test of time. The coverage it gives is just right and the shade range is impressive too. You can build up the coverage to your requirements and it will always look smooth and not cakey. The formula literally controls oil production and keeps your skin matte and pores refined throughout the day.

Dream Base

Made with all natural ingredients, this compact promises to soothe and smooth your skin while bringing on a beautiful glow. It offers an airbrushed finish and is waterproof making it long-wear. The formula is enriched with ingredients like maracuja oil, goji seed oil, and grape fruit extract so that you can wear it without the fear of breaking out. 

Switching to compact powders this summer will make you wonder why you didn’t think about this sooner. They are so lightweight and versatile that you will never leave your house without it in your purse. Add these compact powders to your cart RN!

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20 May 2022

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