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6 Cherry-Infused Perfumes That Smell Absolutely Divine

6 Cherry-Infused Perfumes That Smell Absolutely Divine

Thank goodness the festive season is here because we were running out of excuses to invest in a new perfume. So today, we are literally so excited to introduce you to a fruity note that’s taking the fragrance industry by storm. Say hi to cherry-infused perfumes. While most will associate cherries with desserts and smoothies, they also have a massive presence in the fragrance verse. 

The notes evoke the happiest memories and are so beautiful, hypnotic, and intense – you can taste the crust of a cherry pie just thinking about it. If you wear one of these cherry perfumes, know that you will get compliments and you will get questions – it just comes with the territory. Whether you choose the fruity, fresh, or spicy, sensual route, know that the perfumes listed below will make you smell oh-so-delicious. Good enough to eat, in fact.

6 Cherry Perfumes That’ll Get You Endless Compliments This Festive Season


This Just Hits Differently!

This enchanting perfume by Huda Beauty is guaranteed to cast a spell on you. The perfume smells so beautiful that it will instantly light your soul on fire. Sweet meets sensual in this fragrance by Huda Beauty. While cherry is the star of the show, it’s given a woody, smokey, and enchanting touch with guaiac wood, patchouli, and palo santo. It’s truly mesmerizing!

Let The Compliments Roll In

If the sexy bottle featuring a sky-high pump isn’t enough to grab your attention, the bold cherry scent with notes of vanilla bourbon, sustainably sourced vetiver, and upcycled rose water will be your new fragrance obsession. Ever since we get our hands on this fragrance, it has become our go-to scent for days when we want to rake in endless compliments. 

An Absolute Must-Have

If you don’t own this cherry-loaded perfume, you’re legit missing out. Not the red-hot bottle will look great on your vanity, but the Eau De Parfum also boats some serious staying power as it’s the brand’s most concentrated perfume. It’ll have you at the very first application and is an absolute must-have for the festive season. 

Sex Appeal In A Bottle

Meet the cult-loved perfume you’ll obsess over all year long. Not a day goes by when we don’t come across a beauty Influencer on Instagram singing praises of this perfume. It’s sultry, addictive, and hypnotic. A cocktail of cherry, Turkish rose, jasmine Sambac, roasted tonka beans and sandalwood is legit like sex appeal in a bottle. 

To Have Your Date Wanting More…

For babes on a budget, The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette will make your smell absolutely divine without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being. It’s one of the most romantic scents out there which makes it perf for a date night with your boo. The fruity-floral scent is legit like a magnet and will have your date wanting more. 


This cherry-infused scent deserves the #GOAT status. This is the reason why it’s almost always sold out since its initial launch and it sells out within hours of each restock. The fruity notes of cherry are combined with white must and woody notes to create a scent that’s guaranteed to make you the talk of the town. Snag this beauty before it’s OOS. 

Smell you later!

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Oct 2022

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