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Kylie Jenner Nailed The Clean Girl Makeup Look With A Brown Mascara & We’re Here With Recos

Kylie Jenner Nailed The Clean Girl Makeup Look With A Brown Mascara & We’re Here With Recos

Even though we don’t frequently experiment with mascara, its rising popularity shouldn’t be disregarded. We think brown mascara is here to stay as more and more people embrace the overall “clean makeup” approach. Kylie Jenner, the owner of Kylie Cosmetics, gave her seal of approval. And oh boy, she occasionally loves to alter things up with brown mascara for a softer, more natural look. If you don’t believe us, check out how Kylie Jenner aces the clean-girl makeup look with her fave brown mascara.

If you want a more natural, “no-makeup-makeup” look, add brown mascara to your shopping cart STAT. Just curl your lashes and apply brown eyeliner or kohl along with a few strokes of brown mascara. Keep reading to know more about our tried and tested list of brown mascaras.

Brown Mascaras To Bag RN And Rock That”Clean Girl” Makeup Look

For Extra Long Lashes

Once again, e.l.f Cosmetics demonstrates how to achieve the look for less when you still want all the volume but without the intensity of black mascara. A lash-defining brown mascara is the ideal replacement. The silicone brush of the Lash It Loud Mascara from e.l.f. Cosmetics boasts tiny, precise bristles that can coat each lash as you swipe. One application will suffice to thicken and lengthen your lashes for an effortless look, but two coats can work if you want to make a more dramatic statement.

The Cult Fave

Benefit was one of the first brands to create brown mascara, which quickly became a cult favourite. There is no need for touch-ups during the day thanks to the long-wearing, super-hold formula of this mascara.


For That Fuller, Fluttery Lashes

NGL, although it can be challenging to find a high-definition natural mascara. It will curl and lengthen your lashes and give them a lovely, clump-free volume that remains in place no matter what! This product has everything we love about mascaras! The terrible mascara goop in the corner of the eye that Chandler Bing lamented would also never be visible.

This Is What Lash Dreams Are Made Of

This mascara covers every need. Due to its diamond-shaped bristles, the Charlotte Tilbury mascara offers a faux lash lift look and dramatic volume. What’s best? It also conditions the lashes by enriching them with keratin.

Your Iconic Pick

When creating a natural glamm look, Kylie Jenner uses this on her bottom lashes, so you know it works well. This renowned mascara adds volume, length, and long-lasting wear all at once; it also contains cornflower extract to strengthen lashes.

For Voluminous Lashes

This well-regarded mascara is also available in 202 Black Brown, and we personally adore the formula. Do you know why this mascara is a success? Because it lengthens and volumises lashes, and we love how long it lasts without flaking or smearing.


For That Falsie-Level Drama / Clinique Lash Power Mascara

With this brown mascara, you can maintain a polished appearance through sweat, tears, and humidity for a full 24 hours without it smudging or fading. The slender wand of this mascara is also very easy to use on lower lashes.

Are you ready to hop on to the clean girl makeup look with these brown mascaras?

Featured Image: Instagram

18 Jan 2023

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