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5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Has Made It Large

5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Has Made It Large

One of the best contemporary actors of our time, Ranveer Singh has truly made it large in Bollywood. The candid actor picks diverse roles and molds himself into the director’s script. He has a flair for drama in real life too, and his off-screen personality never fails to shine. The charismatic and quirky superstar has won hearts with his performances and behind the camera, he’s just as determined, ambitious and honest. This is how you #MakeItLarge in Bollywood. There are many reasons that have contributed to his success in the industry, but here we are listing just five for you.

1. Giving up? What’s that?

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All the love from his audience and praise from the critics could have gone into his head, but the actor doesn’t take things for granted. Ranveer pours everything he has into his movies, and even if they tank at the box office, he doesn’t doubt himself. That’s one of the reasons that the failure of Gunday and Kill Dil did not set him back. After weeks of hard work, he came back with more refined acting skills in Bajirao Mastani.

2. He Is Not Afraid To Be Himself

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He doesn’t fit in; he stands out. Ranveer Singh confessed to a leading magazine that his fashion style is actually an extension of his personality; a personality that is fun, wild and spirited. There’s no conforming him! The actor has faced flak for this fashion choices many times in the past, but it hasn’t stopped him from being comfortable in his own skin. He makes us take notice every time he walks into a room and we can’t help but admire his magnetic persona.

3. Win Them All!

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Ranveer Singh had us falling in love with him the minute we saw him as Bittoo Sharma in his debut film, Band Baaja Baaraat. But more than us, it was the critics who were impressed with his work. He won them over again with his intense role in Lootera and Bajirao Mastani (for which he bagged a Filmfare). Whatever the eccentric actor decides to do, he does it to entertain his audience, whether it’s a movie, an advertisement or a press conference.

4. The Master of Transformation


#padmaavat —> #gullyboy

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Bollywood actors are setting new benchmarks in method-acting, and Ranveer Singh is no different. The actor truly lives the character he plays on screen and his world becomes a stage. While shooting for Padmaavat, to give justice to his portrayal of Alauddin Khilji, the youth icon isolated himself entirely because the historic ruler was known to keep himself in isolation for months. Later, he underwent a physical transformation for Gully Boy and turned his bulky body into a lean one.

5. Jack Of All Trades

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He has played a chocolate boy in Dil Dhadake Do. Change the channel and you’ll see him as a ruler, as a typical Delhi boy, and a con artist. You can’t put a label on this actor because he fits all bills: he has proved himself as a comedian, a lover, an action hero, and a villain.

In just 8 years in the industry, he has become one of the most successful actors in Bollywood. And it’s not his characters that inspire us; it’s the man himself. Watch his trajectory as an actor in this short video by Royal Stag, and you’d be able to see the go-getter who appears when the camera stops rolling.

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31 Jan 2018

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