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25 Bollywood Action Movies That Are Sure To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping!

Don’t think Bollywood action movies are as entertaining as your fave Hollywood movies? Think Again! While most Bollywood movies usually have romance and drama as the core, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any kickass action flicks. Cool fight sequences, extraordinary stunts, nifty explosions, flashy cars, and bike chase scenes have been part of Hindi cinema since the early days. With movies that have combined compelling storylines with awesome action on screen, there are plenty of movies from that genre to watch. We have compiled a list of 25 Bollywood action movies to get you hooked on some desi action!

Best Bollywood Action Movies  

Not all action movies are worth watching, and it is hard to know which ones to ignore. To make an easy choice, why not look at our picks of the best Bollywood action movies you can watch right now! 


Mardaani Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Mardaani Bollywood Action Movie

Shivani Roy, a courageous Mumbai Police cop, lives with her niece who befriends Pyaari, a young street hawker. Shivani starts investigating the sudden disappearance of Pyaari and uncovers that the girl has fallen prey to a human trafficking ring run by Walt. With law enforcement on his trail, Walt is losing business and challenges Shivani that he will drive Shivani to take her own life before ever getting caught. One of the best Bollywood action movies, this gritty and gripping film is truly captivating.  

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Bollywood Movies Of 90s

Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Bandit Queen Bollywood Action Movie

Based on the life of the infamous Indian bandit queen Phoolan Devi, the movie sheds light on her life and rise to fame. This film is among the best Bollywood action movies, and it also received international acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the character and for not shying away from showing gruesome violence in its action scenes. Bandit Queen blends biography and action well, making it a compelling watch.

Available on: YouTube


WAR Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- WAR Bollywood Action Movie

WAR, starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, is undeniably among the best Bollywood action movies with some high-octane action sequences! This action thriller follows the story of an Indian soldier who is assigned to chase after his former mentor who has gone rogue.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


Sholay Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb– Sholay Bollywood Action Movie

If you are familiar with Bollywood in any capacity, Sholay needs no introduction. An ex-cop Thakur Singh seeks the help of two convicts- Jai and Veeru, to capture Gabbar Singh, the bandit who killed his family, alive. Gabbar Singh responds by killing residents of the local village one by one. Will Jay and Veeru stop Gabbar before it’s too late? Old-school action with memorable dialogues and a star-studded cast makes Sholay a cinephile favourite.  

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


Satya Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Satya Bollywood Action Movie

A gruesome gangster flick starring J.D Chakravarthi as “Satya,” who comes to Mumbai in search of prosperity but ends up becoming a part of the Mumbai underworld. After falling in love with a girl named Vidya, Satya now contemplates his life choices and is forced to choose between love and his profession. Memorable performances by Manoj Bajpayee, Saurabh Shukla, and Urmila Matondkar will keep you hooked to this Bollywood action movie until the last frame.

Available on: SonyLIV, Zee5


Ghajini Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb-Ghajini Bollywood Action Movie

Ghajini is inspired from Christopher Nolan’s Memento, where a guy suffering from short-term memory loss is desperate to seek revenge for the death of his girlfriend. To help him glue pieces of information together, he prepares notes, takes pictures, and inks himself with tattoos. Go ahead, and watch this Bollywood action movie if you haven’t already. 

Available on: MX Player, Zee5

Ab Tak Chhappan

Ab Tak Chhappan Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Ab Tak Chhappan Bollywood Action Movie

Sadhu Agashe (Nana Patekar) finally gets promoted to the crime branch division after a long stint at his desk-job, writing first information reports. He slowly starts to develop this reputation of choosing to kill criminals in sting operations rather than imprisoning them. With the help of his four subordinates that do not dare question his ways, Sadhu is able to operate the way he likes. All of this changes when a new police commissioner is appointed that even turns Sadhu’s team on him. 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube


Vaastav Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Vaastav Bollywood Action Movie

Raghunath and Dedh Footiya are two best friends unable to find work in Mumbai, so they open up a Pav Bhaji stall. Their life takes a turn for the worst when Ragunath accidentally kills a customer who is later revealed to be the brother of a notorious gangster. A rival gang offers both of them an opportunity to become part of the underworld, and they both accept. How far will Ragunath sink into the crime world before he realizes its morbid reality? Watch this Bollywood action film to find out! 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


Don Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Don Bollywood Action Movie

Vijay, a doppelganger of a wanted criminal named Don, is recruited by law enforcement to infiltrate the gang. The story is riddled with twists and turns as many, apart from Vijay, are out to get Don for themselves. A gripping storyline with plenty of action sequences makes Don one of the best Bollywood action movies. 

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Gangs of Wasseypur Bollywood Action Movie

The fight to take over the deserted coal mines left by the British in North India ignites a war between Shahid Khan and Ramadhir Singh. When Ramadhir gets Shahid killed, it sparks a war and thirst for revenge that would last generations. Violence amongst rival gangs and law enforcement is common, and its gritty portrayal in this Bollywood action movie gives it a “real-life” like feeling. Split into two parts with a run time of about 5 hours combined, it is a perfect movie to be enjoyed on a weekend.   

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot 

Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

Holiday Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb– Holiday Bollywood Action Movie

A military officer returns to Mumbai for a holiday to spend time with his family. While his parents are desperate to get him married, he uncovers a network of sleeper cells that pose a threat to national security. Will he be able to deactivate the sleeper cells in time? Watch this Bollywood action movie to find out!  

Available on: Zee5


Border Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Border Bollywood Action Movie

During the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, the 150-person strong battalion at Longewala in Punjab had to ward off a 2000 person Pakistani strike force. Being outnumbered and out-armed, the soldiers exhibited exemplary levels of courage and intelligence to ward off the enemy attacks till air support could arrive in the early morning. The battle scenes mixed with patriotic-themed dialogues will leave you with the utmost respect for our armed forces. 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Shootout at Lokhandwala

Shootout at Lokhandwala Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Shootout at Lokhandwala Bollywood Action Movie

The story of this Bollywood action movie revolves around Maya Dolas and his gang members who are armed, and determined to take over Mumbai city. To stop them, ACP Shamsher Khan creates an ATS unit to hunt down and eliminate all the members of the gang. With both sides dealing with their own challenges, who will come out on top?  

Available on: Netflix


Kaminey Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Kaminey Bollywood Action Movie

Kaminey is a tale of two twins Charlie and Guddu, who have contrasting personalities but share a similar dream to live a life of success and dignity. Guddu believes in hard work, while Charlie likes taking shortcuts to success. After learning that Charlie has fallen for a get-rich-quick scheme, he decides to reunite and help his brother. The duo is up against sinister politicians, goons, cops, and the only way to get out of it is to work together.

Available on: Netflix


Dhoom Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Dhoom Bollywood Action Movie

If you are a 90s kid, you’ll probably remember all the hype Dhoom generated when it was released. A gang of robbers equipped with superbikes is continuously pulling off successful heists and evading the cops at superspeed. ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) is tasked with busting this gang of robbers led by Kabir (John Abraham). High-speed bike chases and thrilling heist sequences in this Bollywood action movie are sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


Race Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Race Bollywood Action Movie

Race is a story with twists and turns throughout the length of the film, with stunning action sequences that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Two brothers are constantly planning and plotting to get each other killed with the help of their romantic partners and get their hands on millions of dollars. It is up to a cop and her silly assistant to investigate and foil their plans.  

Available on: Netflix

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Uri Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Uri Bollywood Action Movie

If you like movies that involve military action sequences, Uri is the film for you. The story of this Bollywood action movie is based on real events of an Indian Armed Forces covert operation in retaliation to the 2016 Uri attack. Major Vihan, played by Vicky Kaushal is tasked with leading the operation and ensuring his team makes it back without any casualties. Nail-biting action sequences with an energizing background score are what make this movie a must-watch!

Available on: Zee5

Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb– Bang Bang Bollywood Action Movie

Bang Bang is a Bollywood remake of the famous Hollywood flick “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan) is a young bank receptionist who leads a double life, with only little known about his past. He crosses paths with Harleen (Katrina Kaif) while trying to evade the bad guys on a mission to catch him, giving us plenty of exhilarating action scenes. Amidst the chaos, Harleen starts developing feelings for Rajveer while contemplating his trustworthiness.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar


Bellbottom Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb– Bellbottom Bollywood Action Movie

Anshul Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), an agent working for RAW, must lead an operation to rescue 210 hostages on a plane with 4 hijackers. The visually stunning action-packed gunfight and combat scenes will keep you glued to this Bollywood action movie throughout.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


Krrish Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb– Krrish Bollywood Action Movie

Set as a sequel to the beloved “Koi Mil Gaya,” Krrish is touted to be one of the first superhero movies from Bollywood. The prequel’s protagonist Rohit Mehra now has a son named Krishna, who possesses superhuman capabilities. Krishna lives with his grandmother until he falls in love with Priya and follows her to Singapore. After using his powers to rescue children from a burning circus, he quickly becomes known as the masked superhero named Krrish. His life takes a turn when he finds out an evil scientist, Dr. Arya, has held his dad hostage.

Available on: Sony LIV


Singham Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb-Singham Bollywood Action Movie

Rakesh Kadam, a police officer in Goa, is forced to take his own life after false allegations of corruption are leveled against him by businessman & politician- Jaikant Shikre. Another honest cop, Bajirao Singham, who gets transferred to Goa after publicly humiliating Jaikant, has taken it upon himself to revolt against the system. He promises Rakesh’s widow that he will stand up against Jaikant and his goons and bring him to justice. True Rohit Shetty-style over-the-top fight sequences with a stellar performance from Ajay Devgn make this Bollywood action movie a blockbuster.

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video


Kesari Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Kesari Bollywood Action Movie

The battle of Saraghi (1897) is one of the most prominent historical wars in Indian history, where 21 Sikh Soldiers fought against an army of 10,000 Afghan invaders. Kesari is a period film recounting the events of the war and how Havaldar Ishwar Singh led and trained a team of 21 soldiers to fight the war. Fight scenes with loud echoing war cries will keep you engaged throughout the movie! 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Ek Tha Tiger Bollywood Action Movie

Tiger, played by Salman Khan, is a rugged top spy for RAW living in a peaceful New Delhi neighborhood. He is sent for a seemingly simple covert operation in Dublin to find evidence of possible collusion between an Indian scientist and the Pakistani Defense forces. To gain intel, he befriends Zoya, played by Katrina Kaif, a part-time caretaker of the Indian scientist. The lines between professional and personal life get blurry when Tiger falls in love with Zoya and becomes aware of her true identity. This Bollywood action movie is packed with entertainment, and is a must-watch for all action lovers! 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube

Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome Bollywood Action Movie
IMDb- Rocky Handsome Bollywood Action Movie

Kabir, a pawnshop owner in Goa with a secret past, lives next door to Anna and her sweet little daughter. Anna is a drug addict and lands in trouble after stealing drugs from the mafia with her boyfriend. The mafia, in retaliation, kidnaps Anna’s daughter, and it is up to Kabir to save the little girl he adores so much. 

Available on: Netflix, Sony LIV


Baaghi Bollywood Action Movie
IMDB- Baaghi Bollywood Action Movie

Raghav Shetty, a martial arts champ and a feared gangster, abducts actress Sia from her film set and takes her to Bangkok. Sia’s ex-boyfriend Ronnie is the only one that can defeat Raghav and bring Sia back to safety. All that stands in the way of Ronnie and Sia is a fight club full of Raghav’s fighters which he must defeat single-handedly. Cool martial art moves with well-choreographed fight sequences make this Bollywood action movie an enjoyable watch.

Available on: Netflix, Zee5

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Did your favourite Bollywood action movie make it to the list? 

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